Kumasi Drinks | New natural soft drink made from the tropical fruit juice of cocoa pulp


  • Kumasi DrinksKumasi Drinks
  • Kumasi DrinksKumasi Drinks
  • Kumasi DrinksKumasi Drinks
  • Kumasi DrinksKumasi Drinks

Kumasi is a new fruit drink conceived while making a documentary about the cocoa industry in West Africa by Lars Gierveld and Jochem Pinxteren. In the pulp product of cocoa, they saw and tasted a great opportunity. The drink is named after the capital of the Ashanti region in Ghana, Kumasi. Many farmers there are totally dependent on the sale of cocoa, but they live below the poverty line. Lars and Jochem therefore started collecting the cocoa fruit juice near Kumasi with a group of farmers.

We are going to try the drink soon and it is quite an original beverage made of 100% natural ingredients and no added sugars, to sell in a coffee shop or restaurant!

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Tropical fruit juice of cocoa pulp as basis for Kumasi Drinks

The juicy flesh surrounding the cacao bean is healthy and special. It does not taste like cocoa or chocolate but like a mix of lychee, mango and white peach. Normally this juice flows away when the cacao fruit is opened. For centuries, the industry has only been interested in the beans they make chocolate from; for Kumasi Drinks, this juice is now collected to make a tasty beverage. Normally this cocoa fruit juice is thrown away so by making soft drinks out of it they are reducing food waste, in addition to this extra income per kilogram of cocoa for farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast is raised. The owners say they want to make a real impact and sell as many Kumasi Drinks as possible so that as many farmers as possible can increase their income with this pulp product. They also help the farmers set up their own local juice lines with materials, their knowledge and funding. The farmers then sell their own cocoa fruit juice bottles, under their own name, in local markets. They measure, validate and intervene in the communities where they operate with collaborating partners such as the Royal Tropical Institute and Solidaridad.

Kumasi Sappi and Kumasi Gassi | Healthy and sustainable

Kumasi Drinks currently sells 2 varieties: Kumasi Sappi and Kumasi Gassi. Sappi is their fruity thirst quencher and Gassi is the flavorful, pungent sister. The ingredients are 100% natural and there are no sugars added.

Website: Kumasi Drinks.

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