Cannabis beer ‘De Groene Buizerd’ introduces its walking pub


  • A knapsack with cannabis beer 'De Groene Buizerd'A knapsack with cannabis beer 'De Groene Buizerd'
  • Walking Pub with cannabis beer 'De Groene Buizerd'Walking Pub with cannabis beer 'De Groene Buizerd'
  • Walking Pub with cannabis beer 'De Groene Buizerd'Walking Pub with cannabis beer 'De Groene Buizerd'

From 09-12-2022, cannabis beer ‘De Groene Buizerd’ (The Green Buzzard) from the Dutch region ‘De Achterhoek’ has really embodied going completely green with their walking pub: sociable walks in nature with a beer in your hand and friends by your side. You have a choice of four routes. Starting points are Uitspanning ‘t Peeske in Beek, Het Wapen van Heeckeren in Hummelo, De Heikamp in Ruurlo and Berenschot’s Watermolen in Winterswijk.

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Walking pub of cannabis beer ‘De Groene Buizerd | A convivial pub on the move

Walking in nature relaxes you and produces the happiness hormone serotonin. This makes your thoughts more positive! Combine this with drinking the mind-enriching cannabis beer ‘De Groene Buizerd’ (the Green Buzzard) (and a nice bunch of people) and you’ll find yourself returning like a happy Buddha.

Sitting in a pub with friends and drinking beer is not necessarily healthy, but it is very enjoyable. Exercising outdoors is good for body and mind and you can discover beautiful places, but it will make you horribly thirsty. Why not combine the two? Walking beer gardens in the Achterhoek jungle. Thirsty adventurers can now pick up a knapsack of cold Green Buzzards beers and an accompanying route map at a number of Dutch cafés. Go green and join in: gather friends and head out with the Green Buzzards knapsack.

The beer walks are an idea of the organizer of the Dutch ‘Zwarte Cross’ 

The creative brains behind the ‘Groene Buizerd’ have mapped out a number of walks, to and from an official Groene Buizerd watering hole, through the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. The routes run right through the Achterhoek jungle, but are always accessible by public transport, so you never have to get behind the wheel with beer on. The beer walks have different lengths. You can enjoy an active 2-hour walk through a 7-kilometre route, or have a quick strolling drink after work and be back home after an hour.

The cost is €5 per participant included is a route map and a Groene Buizerd knapsack with 2 bottles of Groene Buizerd 0.33L to drink on the way at a nice stopover point. Would you like to spend the next few months drinking beer with friends, not slumped on a chair, but actively walking through nature with fresh air? Then check the website of ‘De Groene Buizerd’ for all routes and points of sale.

We wrote about the ‘Groene Buizerd’ before. 

Website: Cannabis beer 'De Groene Buizerd'

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