ClearTaste: blocking bitterness instead of adding sugar


Another way to reduce the amount of sugar in our food! A bitterness blocker that sweetens your food without actually adding sugar or a sugar substitute. A start-up from Colorado blocks the bitter taste from food with the use of a simple fungi. Myco Technology has labelled it’s product ClearTaste. lees verder

Ube – the still unknown yam / sweet potato from the Philippines


Extremely popular in the Philippines and other Asian countries but relatively unknown in other countries: Ube (pronounced like the oo-bay). The Manila Social Club created the ‘Golden Cristal Donuts’ with ube as one of the main ingredients. The pictures of the donut went viral, especially on Instagram and created a lot of publicity. We know that ube powder turns your food purple, but what is it? lees verder

Nuts for drinks: nuts to combine with your beer


Over the past ten years, the beverage industry has evolved significantly and many flavours have been created and developed to enhance people’s drinking experience. With all these new beverage creations popping up, what about snacking options? Can we enhance people’s drinking experience by offering them the perfect snack to match their, for example, favourite beer? lees verder

Bee Free Honee! An alternative for honey


An alternative to honey: Bee Free Honee, or you can also call it a vegan honey. A plant-based honey made from apples and lemon juice. It is supposed to have the same sweetness, golden glow and viscosity but it just leave the bees recover quietly…. lees verder

Lingenhel cheesemaker, restaurant & shop


  • LingenhelPhotocredits: Monika Nguyen
  • LingenhelPhotocredits: Monika Nguyen
  • LingenhelPhotocredits: Monika Nguyen
  • LingenhelPhotocredits: Monika Nguyen
  • LingenhelPhotocredits: Monika Nguyen
  • LingenhelPhotocredits: Monika Nguyen
  • LingenhelPhotocredits: Monika Nguyen

If you are in love with cheese, you definitely have to visit the Lingenhel cheese outlet in Vienna. Johannes Lingenhel, opened here his first-ever gastronomical cheese outlet, a combination of a cheese factory, tasting bar and gourmet boutique. lees verder

Ancolie: The Glass Jars Concept


“Banish wasteful plastic and embrace glass! Serving grab and go meals in reusable jars. Save our planet, help us open in NYC!”, the slogan of the Kickstarter project Ancolie, designed by Chloe. Ancolie jars are portion controlled, waste-free and plastic-free.

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FormBox – the world’s first tabletop factory


The smallest, most affordable and accessible vacuum former in the world. Mayku launches the FormBox with a mission to “Do for making, what the Mac did for home computing”. For the first time in history anyone can become a maker and create lines of professional grade products without going to a factory. lees verder

Trends we spotted this week – week 19


  • Trends in het kort

At the redaction of Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week among others, an article about an artisan tortilla maker, the New York Times starts selling ingredients for recipes of their cooking website, and a link to an edible flowers guide! By the way did you know that you could eat banana peels? We found an article with recipes and will most certainly try one of those. If you like to read the whole article, click the title. Enjoy reading! lees verder

The supermarket of the future by Coop Italy


Back to the future? More like forward to the past. Coop Italy, Italy’s biggest grocery cooperative introduced their idea, the supermarket of the future at the Expo Milan in 2015. At the beginning of April 2016 they showcased it at Microsoft’s Envision Conference. They are using futuristic technology to help shoppers return to the sociable days of open-air markets, when there were shopkeepers at every stall, ready to answer any question a customer might have about their wares. lees verder

Analyzing the world around you with the SCiO


How much fat is in this dressing? How much sugar contains this sugar beet and which melon is better at the moment? SCiO gives you answers to all these kind of questions, SCiO is a small gadget which scans the products you’re about to buy and shows you what these products are made of.

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