Manzanilla | Will this ‘lady Aurora’ help us to rediscover the sherry wines this summer?


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For years Sherry was struggling with an old-fashioned image, but Manzanilla lets you rediscover sherry. Manzanilla is one of the many different types of sherry and because of the dry, fresh and delicate taste a perfect ‘entry-sherry’. All of a sudden all eyes are focused on this ‘lady’ among the sherry wines, thanks to the striking new brand Aurora. Aurora is produced by the Spanish winemaker Paco Yuste and stands out for the handy size and the beautiful label. The portrait on this manzanilla bottle is from Aurora Ambrosse Lacave.

Manzanilla | Aurora by Paco Yuste

Lady Aurora Ambrosse Lacave took over the Aurora winery from her deceased husband in 1911. A woman in charge of a winery caused a lot of distress at that time. Despite the many obstacles, the house has always produced quality manzanilla. Paco Yuste honored her work by naming the new brand after her. The pale yellow manzanilla from Aurora is served cold and goes well with tapas, white fish, soup or dried ham.

Manzanilla is a dry white wine made from the palomino grape and matured in oak barrels under a veil of yeast cells; also called ‘flor’. Manzanilla is produced exclusively in Sanlucar de Barrameda. The proximity of the sea and in particular the unique climatic conditions of this place in the Spanish region of Andalusia characterize this wine. In the distance, the taste is somewhat like chamomile tea. This is called in Spanish manzanilla. This also explains the special name.

Even a cocktail with this sherry | The Rebujito

Sherry is a fortified wine from the south of Spain, from an area also known as the sherry triangle, between the cities of Jerez de Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria. Sherry is an English corruption of the name Jerez (the Moorish name of this city was Sherish). There are different types of sherry. Next to manzanilla the main fino, amontillado, palo cortado, oloroso and Pedro Ximénez.

Last November the fourth edition of the International Sherry Week was hosted, an initiative of the Consejo Regulador Jerez-Xeres-Sherry, (the Sherry Wine Council) in Spain. The International Sherry Week brings together thousands of sherry-lovers in a multitude of events organized in more than 25 countries every year. The last couple of years nearly 6,000 Sherry activities have been organized. Still sherry isn’t a very popular summer drink here in the Netherlands. Maybe the Rebujito might change that! In Andalusia manzanilla is also used in the Rebujito and this has been a very popular summer drink for years. It is quite easy to make with manzanilla, 7UP and fresh mint. Serve in a low glass with ice cubes.

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