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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others you can now list your hotel at Airbnb trough SiteMinder, Gaggan won the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for the fourth time and won’t win it for the fifth time! And you can now wander through Disneyland with Google Maps Street View!

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You can now pretend you’re in Disneyland on Google Maps

If you’ve always wanted to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando or Disneyland in California, but don’t like the idea of long lines, humid weather, and thousands of people then there’s good news today. Google is bringing 11 Disney parks to Google Maps Street View, allowing you to virtually visit the tourist destinations from the comfort of your home. We wonder when we get to experience their attractions from the comfort of our own chair!

Armand de Brignac | Exclusieve champagne

Armand de Brignac or the literal ‘Ace of spades’ of the champagne world, recently launched one it’s most exclusive champagne– the Blanc de Blancs en Magnum. Produced with 100% Chardonnay, the bubbling wonder is the latest edition to the brand’s prestige cuvée collection. Its assemblage comprises of the 2005, 2006 and 2008 vintages, making it a bigger treat that expected.

SiteMinder | You can now list your hotel room at Airbnb

SiteMinder has partnered with Airbnb to bring the first real-time channel manager connection for hotels. Under this new partnership, hotel’s that use SiteMinder and meet Airbnb’s hospitality standards can quickly and seamlessly list rooms and get bookings from Airbnb’s community. This new technology now makes it possible for your hotel to connect booking information to your existing management system in real-time, which is essential to a great guest experience, minimizing potential double bookings and forced cancellations.

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants | Won by Gaggan Anand for the fourth time

Having won Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for a fourth time, Gaggan Anand revealed on stage why it’ll be the last and his plans to finally open a Thai restaurant in Bangkok. Gaggan is all set to close in 2020 anyway, with the Indian chef heading to Japan to open GohGan with chef Takeshi ‘Goh’ Fukuyama in Fukuoka, a 12-seat restaurant that will open one month, one month off. Interest read at Fine Dining Lovers.

Lexus Hybrid Cuisine | First culinary event of that importance in Poland

Lexus Hybrid Cuisine is a culinary event with international food world celebrities, which will take place on April 11-13. Warsaw will be visited by seven chefs honored with a total amount of ten Michelin stars, and they will cook to guests, who will buy a ticket to lunch or dinner. The main sponsor of Lexus Hybrid Cuisine is the Lexus brand. Media partners are among others Fine Dining Lovers, Kukbuk and Food Service. AdComms is responsible for the idea and execution of this event.

Some of the chefs visiting: Mitsuharu Tsumura from Lima Peru, Zaiyu Hasegawa from Tokyo, Dani García from Marbella, Spain) and Jonathan K. Berntsen from Copenhagen. Some Polish chefs will present the Polish cuisine, with chef like Robert Trzópek, Justyna Słupska-Kartaczowska, Marcin Popielarz, Jacek Grochowina, Bartek Szymczak and Paweł Pojawa.

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