Forget black charcoal ice cream | 2018, it’s all about gold: 24Karat gold ice cream!


  • 24Karat gold ice cream by Snowopolis 4
  • 24Karat gold ice cream by Snowopolis
  • 24Karat gold ice cream by Snowopolis 3
  • 24Karat gold ice cream by Snowopolis 2

We here in the Netherlands are longing for some sunshine! But we haven’t spotted Spring yet although some ice cream parlors are opening their doors. And we do spot more and more ice cream on our timeline, like recently the 24Karat gold ice cream made by Snowopolis in Anaheim, California. They serve a scope of vanilla soft ice cream packed in edible gold leaf. You could even use a spray with edible gold or silver, which makes it even easier to make this ‘very Instagrammable’ ice cream!

24Karat gold ice cream

Great gimmick and if it does taste likewise we don’t know but we’re sure that many young people do not even wonder, it’s ‘very Instagrammable‘! Could you imagine all those photos with your 24Karat ice cream on the social media? A great gimmick for the opening of your ice cream parlor or for our Dutch King’s Day or just for every sunny day …

Take a look at the menu of Snowopolis, you might find some inspiration! How about a lot of flavors of Shaved Ice such as Root Beer Float, Cherry Bubble Gum, Yellow Cake Batter and Mango Margarita? In addition, they also serve Krispy Crème donuts filled with ice cream and you can opt for ‘Build a Cookie’.

There are already more videos on YouTube with ice covered with gold paper, just look at this inspiration from India.

Website: Snowopolis

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