SCiO scanner gives information about chemical composition


SCiO is a new device that allows customers to scan products and get information about the chemical compositions. The SCiO is developed by Consumer Physics and has the size of a USB drive. Constomers can not only get information about medicines and plants but also about the nutritional value of their food and for example if the avocado is ripe enough to eat. The device sends the information through Bluetooth to the smartphone and there are several apps available. The goal of the Kickstarter project has already been achieved but when you order the SCiO you will get all new apps for free the next two years.

Pepsi brings can with Robin van Persie to life


Soft drink brand Pepsi has launched a new interactive can with the famous footballer Robin van Persie, as part of the ‘Live For Now’ campaign. The free augmented reality app ‘Blippar’ brings Robin van Persie to life. Through the app some football tricks of the footballer are shown and consumers can download music, watch video’s and play an interactive game. The limited edition cans of Pepsi are widely available in the Netherlands as of Monday. Last March, Pepsi surprised waiting people at a bus stop with an augmented reality bus shelter.

Pay the restaurant bill with Instagram photo


Frozen food producer ‘Birds Eye’ found out that around 52% of the people take pictures of their meals. This gave Birds Eye the idea to open the pop-up restaurant ‘Picture House’ where consumers can pay their bill in a special way. Guests pay by taking a pictures of their meal and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #BirdsEyeInspirations. This promotion is part of the digital campaign to promote their new range of premium evening meals. The pop-up restaurant ‘Picture House’ opens in Soho, London this week and will pop-up in Manchester and Leeds in June.

Coco Superfood ice cream


  • Coco Superfood

Nowadays the goji berries, chia seeds, mulberries and other superfoods are available at the supermarket. The Ice Cream Factory has made ice cream based on the superfood. The Coco Superfood ice creams are made from coconut milk, which is lactose-free and vegan. The Coco Superfood ice cream is available in two flavors: Açaï-coconut ice cream with mulberries and Acerola-coconut ice cream with goji berries. The superfood ice cream is available at the organic supermarket EkoPlaza in the Netherlands.




The soda WOSTOK originated in Russia and was developed in the 70s under the name Baikal as alternative to Pepsi Cola. Joris van Velzen gave this old fashioned drink new life and from Berlin he rolls out WOSTOK across Europe. WOSTOK is made in the traditional way, with no artificial colors nor preservatives. The soda is available in the flavors WOSTOK Tannenwald (pine needle oil, Taiga root and cardamom), WOSTOK Dattel Granatapfel (dates, pomegranate) and WOSTOK Estragon Ingwer (tarragon, ginger and orange).

Luscombe organic drinks


  • Luscombe organic drinks

The drinks of Luscombe are produced since 1975 on a farm in the Devon in South West England. The Luscombe drinks are handmade in batches with fresh and natural ingredients varying slightly due to season, rain and sun. The drinks are available in various flavors such as apple-pear-ginger, carrot and orange juice, raspberry crush and elderflower crush. The drinks don’t contain concentrates, additives, preservatives, coloring nor flavoring agents. Besides the juices, Luscombe also produces cider and ginger beer. You can order the drinks at GoldstarDeli in the Netherlands.

No reseach Most Welcoming City 2014


  • Meest Gastvrije Stad

This year will be no research for the Most Welcoming City of the Netherlands. This article is only available in Dutch

Big Bang Broccoli


Broccoli has now its own advertising in the Netherlands. The Big Bang Broccoli campaign is launched by FoodGuerrilla, supported by Greenport NHN, Frugiventa, ZLTO and The Greenery. The goal of the campaign is to address that only 5% of the Dutch consumers eat enough vegetables and fruit. The broccoli season will be opened on 31 May and fresh Dutch broccoli will be auctioned at central locations in Amsterdam in collaboration with Dutch growers. From 31 May to 11 June FoodGuerrilla will organize surprising guerrilla campaigns like a broccoli pop-up diner in the ‘Geef café’ or sampling at railway stations. The campaign ends with the presentation of the Golden Broccoli, a price for a farmer/grower in the Netherlands that uses the smartest marketing possibilities to sell his broccoli.

Cheers and play!


Designer Constantin Bolimond from Moscow gives a second live to six-pack bottles. When the bottles of Ford Jekson are empty, they can be used to bowl! The bottles are covered with a smooth layer of wood, shaped like bowling pins and accompanied by a miniature bowling ball. The top of the bottle can be twisted to open the bottle and the different colors refer to the different flavors.

Temporary tattoo with recipe


Roll up your sleeves and put these tattoos on your forearm! Italian designers Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuse came up with the new concept ‘I Tradizionali’: a temporary tattoo with a recipe. These labels with recipes can be pasted on the forearm and explain the recipe step-by-step. You will always have the recipe at hand. There are a few sets with different themes, each with four recipes, you can already order a set with recipes via the crowdfunding website Eppela.

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