Contactless payment at NS retail stores


Starting this week, it is possible for the consumer to pay contactless with a Maestro debit card at the NS retail stores in the Netherlands. Tomorrow, NS retail introduces the contactless payments in collaboration with MasterCard in the NS retail stores like ‘Broodzaak’, Smullers, Kiosk and Julia’s. The consumer can pay by holding the mobile phone or the debit card against the payment terminal. For an amount below € 25,= there is no PIN required. This method of payment saves time, particularly at the stations, where consumers are often in a hurry.

General Store and Co


  • General store & Co 1
  • General store & Co 2
  • General store & Co 3
  • General store & Co 4
  • General store & Co 5
  • General store & Co 6

The quirky bar concept ‘General Store & Co’ in Melbourne sells goods, groceries and grog. The concept is inspired by the old American Trading Posts where grocers sold food, clothing and household items. Later this evolved into General Stores that sold everything including alcohol, groceries and all sorts of retail products. The General Store & Co in Melbourne has a full service bar and café, in-house barber, shoe and clothing store, a bookstore, a private courtyard garden and a grocery with a wide range of organic products. A meeting place for people, that starts in the morning with a cup of coffee and ends in the evening with a drink in the bar. 

OranjeKorn beverage


  • OranjeKorn

April 26 it is King’s day in the Netherlands and Berentzen ApfelKorn has introduced a special limited edition drink for this day: the OranjeKorn (orangekorn). The OranjeKorn has the same fresh and sweet taste as the original Berentzen ApfelKorn, only the color is different. The orange drink can be served as a shot, in combination with mineral water, apple juice or with a soft drink with lemon flavor.

Oysters and shells


In early 2013 we spotted various types of plates and bowls of the First impression shop. The shop sells various sets of dishes inspired by nature and they have recently launched fort in the shape of oysters and shells. The oysters and shells are designed by true form, the mold is made of an original shell. The bowls are smooth on the inside and rough on the outside. A beautiful set of dishes to serve seafood dishes in style at a restaurant!

Foodini 3D printer for consumer


To provide consumers with the easiness of a 3D printer in the kitchen, the designers of the Foodini 3D printer have started a crowdfunding project via Kickstarter. The printer comes with empty capsules so that you can use your own fresh ingredients. The machine is expected to be ready for mass production in January 2015.

Hero fairtrade preservable fruit juices


Hero introduces preserved fruit juices with Max Havelaar Fairtrade certification at the Dutch hotel chain Van der Valk. The hotel chain introduces the juices as the first in the Netherlands. Hero wants delicious, honest products based on fruit without artificial flavors or colors. Hero Fairtrade juice contains 100% fruit and only sugars that are naturally present in the fruit.

Body Dryer replaces towel


A device that blows your guests dry after showering seems to come to the market soon. The Body Dryer by Tyler Overk collected via a crowdfunding campaign more than the required amount to go from concept to production. In September 2014, the first machines will be delivered. It could be a considerable saving in towel and washing cost if the technique functions. The devices, which sit somewhere between a hair dryer and scale, now costs about $ 150, – plus shipping.

19 Greek Street: stage for upcoming designers


  • HT 19 greek street 1
  • HT 19 greek street 2
  • HT 19 greek street 3

The 19 Greek Street in London was founded in 2012 by creative director of design studio Montage, Marc Péridis. The 6-floor Victorian townhouse is an experimental playground for designers experiment. The gallery 19 Greek Street gathers design works by established and upcoming designers. The collections include a ‘limited edition collection’, ‘designing the middle east’ and the ‘endless series’ of Dirk van der Kooij that uses 3D printing to create furniture. Late April there will open a café in 19 Greek Street where customers can enjoy a drink, surrounded by examples from the collection of Marc Péridis. 

Local Goods Weekend Market Amsterdam


  • de Hallen Amsterdam

‘De Hallen Amsterdam’ (the Halls Amsterdam) are entirely devoted to the modern and progressive Amsterdam brands on 19 and 20 April. Pakhuis de Zwijger, platform Made in Amsterdam and Indie Brands organize the first edition of the ‘Local Goods Weekend Market’ during this weekend. Various Amsterdam food products such as home made sausages, chocolate and ice cream will be sold next to non-food products like bicycles, clothes, furniture and bags. The Local Goods Weekend Market will include products of Kadolab, Ace & Tate, Proeftuin Amsterdam, the Upcycle and Professor Grunschnabel.

The Big Street food Competition


  • De Grote Streetfood Prijs

The Food Line-up and Streetfood Netherlands organize the ‘Big Street food Competition’ in the end of September. The Netherlands counts more than 200 mobile kitchens (food trucks), but the available street food is currently limited by law. During the ‘Big Street food Competition’ street food entrepreneurs battle in various categories like the best concept or the best piece of meat. An independent jury will choose the winners. Perhaps this contest can influence the (political) opinion about Street food in the Netherlands.

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