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  • Daalder mobiel betalen
  • Daalder mobiel betalen
  • Daalder mobiel betalen

The Dutch company Daalder launched its mobile payment Daalder app last week, an independent e-wallet for mobile payments in the Netherlands.

About Daalder

Daalder is an Amsterdam based start-up founded by entrepreneurs Renz Millenaar, Reinhard Spronk and Romke de Vries. Thomas de With, former director of the Global Transaction Bank at Deutsche Bank in the Netherlands is member of the Daalder Advisory Board. Business that are connected through Daalder receive payments via the ‘Daalder Webkassa’ (freely translated as ‘Daalder webbased cash register) which makes payments immediately visible. In addition, it is possible to send live updates and special offers to Daalder users.


Because Daalder skips the intervention of banks, credit card companies and telecom provider, there is no additional hardware needed (such as pin machines). The Daalder app is launched after a pilot in which hundreds of consumers who have been able to test the app with a selection of Amsterdam shops and restaurants, including Headfirst Coffee Roasters, The Coffee Virus, Rederij de Jordaan, Working Space Seats2Meet Beurs van Berlage, restaurant Daalder, café ‘t Mandje and Sane Salad & Juicebar. Now other consumers can join in and also officially pay with the Daalder app in catering establishments and shops affiliated with the pilot.

Mobile payment

Mobile payment is growing rapidly worldwide. Consumers in the US can pay at various location with Google Wallet and Apple Pay but this is not available in the Netherlands yet. Daalder will be available in Amsterdam first and rollout throughout the rest of the Netherlands later. The ultimate goal is growing into the largest independent mobile payment player in the Netherlands. CEO of Daalder, Renz Millenaar: “It is important that there are independent parties; it gives people a choice. Now and in the future when mobile payments with grow into more common feature. Banks will link their product to their accounts and phone providers to their phones, we won’t exclude anyone. ”

Benefits for hospitality industry

According to Millenaar, the catering entrepreneur will have an advantage of this independence. “For regular bank payments often high costs are charged, as well as transaction costs for the use of various terminals. There is a vague mist around the these transaction costs. It took me literally two and a half days to find out all tariffs. As an independent party we want to do it differently.”

Business customers receive one bill

Business customers like to use Daalder because it is easy for the administration. It is possible to put as few hundred euro’s on the account once a month to pay with the mobile phone. At the end of the month all the bills at the local coffee bar can be combined into one bill for the accountant.

Daalder is free and can be downloaded via Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. The app runs on both Android and iOS.

Website: www.daalder.co/companies

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