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Instock comes up with a new take away shop (Instock Toko) and a mobile food truck (Instock Truck) to reduce food waste. The first initiative of Instock, a pop-up restaurant in Amsterdam, opened in June 2014. Like in this pop-up restaurant, the food served at the Instock Toko & Truck are made from products that otherwise would be wasted.

Instock Toko & Tuck

At the new take away shop, Instock Toko, they will offer warm meals, salads, soups and juices every day. They don’t work with a standard menu as the meals are made from the harvest of the day. Customers help to reduce food waste by buying a meal at the Instock Toko. The take away shop will open the doors tomorrow (20 February 2015) in Amsterdam.

The Instock Truck is an old Mercedes Benz fire truck that has been turned into a green food truck. With this truck, the Instock team is able to make people aware of the food that is being wasted throughout the Netherlands. The food truck will be participating in several festivals this summer.

Food waste

Research shows that about 30 till 50 percent of our food is wasted. Throw away food does not only costs money, but also the energy consumed in the production, packaging, transportation and food preparation gets lost. Selma Seddik, Bart Roetert, Merel Laarman and Freke van Nimwegen, four employees of the Dutch supermarket chain ‘Albert Heijn’, came up with a plan to reduce food waste. While under employment at ‘Albert Heijn’ they got the opportunity to realise their plan. Now cars are driving along a number of AH supermarkets every morning. At those supermarkets they collect all the products that cannot be sold anymore, for example bread that’s one day old or fruit, vegetables and potatoes in a packages with damages. We wrote earlier about the pop-up restaurant, so if you want to know more about their pop-up restaurant, read this.

Website: Instock

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