New color by Pantone | ‘English Sparkling’ wine source of inspiration


  • English Sparkling by PantoneEnglish Sparkling by Pantone
  • Wyfold Vineyard Brut inspiratiebron voor kleur English SparklingWyfold Vineyard Brut inspiratiebron voor kleur English Sparkling

The colour institute Pantone and Laithwaite’s Wine, the UK’s largest online wine merchant, have partnered up to introduce a new Pantone color ‘English Sparkling’. The color English Sparkling, an off-white cream, is created to celebrate the meteoric rise of the English Quality Sparkling Wine in recent years. No longer viewed as an outsider, English Sparkling has gained accolades and acclaim from all corners of the globe. Taking the battle of the fizzes outside of the drinks world for the first time, the new English Sparkling shade challenges ‘Champagne’ as the go-to colour term within design and interior circles.

‘English sparkling’ | By Pantone Color Institute alongside Laithwaite’s Wine

Pantone Color Institute describes the new off-white shade as a ‘subtle and stylishly elegant, creamy hue that quietly expresses effervescence and good taste’. It was inspired by Wyfold Vineyard Brut, a sparkling white wine grown by Barbara Laithwaite. the color is now available to use digitally worldwide, as textile or purchased as a paint through Valspar in all B&Q stores. So you can literally paint the town English Sparkling. “A color of its time, the tastefully elegant Laithwaite’s Wine ‘English Sparkling’ recognizes and symbolizes the growing prominence of the English wine industry,” said Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

Sources of inspiration for Pantone

In 2016, Tealeaves and Pantone developed a new concept: #PaletteForYourPalate. Ten different kinds of tea cocktails in Pantone colors! And in 2015 we spotted the Pantone Café in Monaco where they had color on their menu! The exterior, interior, trays, chairs, napkins, tables and the food, everything had a color code matching the Pantone colors. Way back in 2010 they even opened the Pantone hotel in Brussels. Now they choose wine as source of inspiration, what will be next?

English Sparking wine

Sales of English Quality Sparkling Wine at Laithwaite’s rose again in 2017 by a massive 36%, with the industry as a whole growing 89% in volume in the past five years. Already appearing at top functions in the UK including Royal weddings, it’s popularity both here and as a British export is showing no signs of letting up.

David Thatcher, CEO of Laithwaite’s Wine, said: “Just as Burgundy and Champagne are very well known terms for colors it’s now time for English Quality Sparkling Wine to take centre stage. Creating an official colour is a great way of acknowledging the ever-growing popularity of the English wine industry around the world. Barbara Laithwaite’s Wyfold Vineyard Brut has long been a front-runner in the category, so it was the perfect fizz to inspire the definitive color – and feels far more Spring-like than painting the town red.”

Website: Pantone & Laitwaithe's Wine

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