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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others the marathon du Medoc with twenty wine stops is now open for entries, a new grocery store by The Salvation Army and Argan oil, the latest hard-to-find ingredient chefs are reaching for.

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Diageo introduces ‘Jane Walker’ Scotch in bid to attract women

Johnnie Walker is rolling out a female version of its iconic logo, an attempt to draw more women to their scotch and acknowledge a broader push toward gender equality. A limited U.S. edition of the whisky will have a striding woman on the label — rather than the traditional top-hatted man — and carries the name Jane Walker.

The marathon du Medoc with twenty wine stops is now open for entries

In 2016 we wrote over what remains the most enjoyable marathon in the world: le marathon du Medoc. Well we just read that you can register now for the 2018 edition that takes place at the 8th of September. A great opportunity to bond with a group of colleagues or friends while running, tasting wine, listen to music, tasting cheese and look at other runners….

Hawker Chan | Michelin starred street food chef is cooking in London

Singapore’s now famous Hawker Chan, who serves the world’s cheapest Michelin Starred meal, his signature Soya Sauce Chicken & Rice for just £6, is in London. He is in town for just three days, from last Wednesday 14th to today, Friday 16th March, at the KERB market up in Kings Cross. During these days he’ll be serving up just 200 portions of his famed dish.

New grocery store by The Salvation Army | DMG Foods

The Salvation Army just opened the country’s first nonprofit grocery store, the charity organization hopes to expand the concept nationwide under the name of DMG Foods (after the organization’s motto ‘Doing the Most Good’). The store’s aim is to ‘present a sustainable model that engages the community in order for them to eat healthier, smarter, cheaper and all of that’, Gene Hogg, The Salvation Army’s area commander for Baltimore, tells The Shelby Report.

Starbucks Coffee Company | Opens visitor center at their coffee farm in Costa Rica

Starbucks Coffee Company opened the doors to its Visitor Center at Hacienda Alsacia, located on the company’s 600-acre (240 hectare) coffee farm on the slopes of the Poas volcano in Costa Rica. A 46,000-square foot visitor center immerses guests in the entire life cycle of sustainably grown, high-quality arabica coffee from seedling to picking, milling, roasting and the craft of brewing in a café. Starbucks approach to ethical sourcing and innovative coffee tree hybrid research also showcased at the visitor center, part of the company’s $100 million investment in an open-sourced farmer support program to help make coffee the world’s first sustainably sourced agriculture product.

Argan oil | The latest hard-to-find ingredient chefs are reaching for

Sometimes you read an article and you suddenly remember the taste of a dish… I once tasted a small piece of Mediterranean fish marinated in Argan oil. Delicious! Argan oil is known for its beauty effects but according to this article at Bloomberg lots of chefs now use it in their cuisine! Interesting read! ^Marjolein

ENLIGHTENED | Glazed donut ice cream

Built on a philosophy of “more protein, less sugar,” ENLIGHTENED has created a line-up of more than 25 dope flavors that all manage the balance of incredible taste while remaining in the low-cal spectrum, with some flavors containing as few as 300 calories per pint. If you’re a donut junky, read more about it on Foodbeast.

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