Marathon du Medoc | the marathon for foodies!


The 10th of September the Marathon du Medoc took place in the Medoc, near Bordeaux, France. We heard about this Marathon years ago, from that moment on (it must have been more than 20 years ago) I challenged my colleagues to run this French marathon. At that time they were not able yet to run in New York, Paris or London but choose another marathon destination. By now most of them are be able to say: London, been there, New York, done that. Check out the impression restaurant Le Saint Julien made of the marathon this year. I will be watching and toasting wine with the colleagues that do the run, this is the only marathon where you can pull a cork and a muscle.

What did they serve during the Marathon du Medoc in 2016?

At the 32nd Marathon du Medoc, the 8,500 runners from 71 countries are dressed up in carnival-themed outfits. The 32nd Marathon du Medoc also shows that if you drink in moderation a trained runner must be able to finish without a problem! They can release their pain during the run with small tasting glasses of wine and will be handed out some viennoiseries, gourmet food (oysters and steaks at the 37th kilometre) and even ice cream. The runners will have six and half hours to complete the gourmet food, wine and the race. According to the organisation behind the Marathon: Le marathon le plus long du monde! At all the pictures we spotted it looked like the runners had a lot of fun. ^Marjolein

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