Cotton candy burrito | ‘Burrito’ filled with ice cream


We cannot deny that ice cream burritos and ice cream tacos have become popular! Now we’ve spotted Sugar Sugar, a dessert shop in Ontario, Canada. Sugar Sugar serves a cotton candy burrito, a ‘burrito’ filled with ice cream. A great creation for people craving for sweet stuff.

Cotton candy burrito

To make the cotton candy burrito, Sugar Sugar starts by flattening a large cloud of cotton candy until it has the shape of a tortilla. Once this is done, a few scoops of ice cream (it doesn’t matter which flavor) are placed in the middle of the ‘tortilla’. The shop’s employee then folds the cotton candy around the ice cream and rolls it till it looks nice and tight.

FoodBeast said that the cotton candy burrito doesn’t exactly eat like a burrito but offers a play on textures that you wouldn’t expect.

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Bron: Foodbeast

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