The Tipsy Scoop | Liquor infused ice cream at this barlour


At the Tipsy Scoop they blend artisanal, hand-crafted ice cream with perfect mixed cocktails. To enjoy an ice cream at Tipsy Scoop you need to show your ID because of the fact that the ice cream have up to 5% alcohol volume.

The flavours at the Tipsy Scoop

They serve around 30 different flavours and if you’re going to New York City this summer and enjoy ice cream and cocktails you can start dreaming about flavours like;

Dark chocolate Whiskey salted caramel | Red velvet Martini | Raspberry Limoncello sorbet | Spiked hazelnut coffee | Mango Margarita sorbet | Maple bacon Bourbon | Strawberry rhubarb Bourbon | Grapefruit Negroni creamsicle (sounds like my favourite).

At the ice cream Barlour, located at 217 East 26th Street in Kips Bay Manhattan, you can order scoops but also flights of ice creams (4 small ice cream scoops to taste), to-go pints, boozy ice cream cakes, scoops in churro bowls, boozy ice cream sandwich packs, custom made pints (as example: a red velvet Martini pint with the text: ‘Will you be my bridesmaid’. Really original! You can also personalize a pint by adding a logo.

The history of the Tipsy Scoop

The ice cream history of the family of owner Mellisa Tavss sounds like a small fairytale and goes way back! Her Italian ancestors brought ice cream to Scotland in the 1800s. Her great, great, great grandfather Achille, moved from his small mountaintop town of Picinisco in Italy to Glasgow, Scotland. He made ice cream at home and sold it from a pushcart as he walked the city streets. Eventually he opened his own ice cream shop and brought his sons into the business. The family business continued with my great, great grandfather, Giovanni, who opened several of his own shops around Glasgow in the 1900s. My great grandfather, Federico, continued the family ice cream tradition and opened shops throughout Scotland and England and eventually became the President of the Ice Cream Alliance of Great Britain. She followed the ice cream tradition and began experimenting with putting a modern boozy twist on ice cream. She started with catering as well and later opened her Barlour, The Tipsy Scoop.


We recently wrote about the Liefmans ice cream from Bon Appetit ice cream shop in Breda, so we know how to combine ice cream with cocktails! But do you already sell ‘flights’ in your ice cream parlour? Just a few small scoops so people can choose a few flavours? Also great for those who can’t choose and a different solution than the original ‘euh-ice cream‘ of ice cream maker Rob Kok from IJspaleis Driehuis. ^ Marjolein

Website: The Tipsy Scoop

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