‘Euh-ice’ at IJspaleis Driehuis


Ice cream maker Rob Kok from IJspaleis Driehuis has a solution for the doubting guest, the ‘euh-ice’! The daily changing ice cream flavour is already extremely popular and went viral on the internet.


Every summer Rob has 75 different ice cream flavours in his assortment. Unfortunately, the display case only consists out of 36 ice buckets, this means not every flavour can be ordered. 25 of the 36 buckets are the standard flavours, 10 buckets are used for the changing assortment and now there is one bucket with the sign ‘euh’.


Last year, the ‘euh-madam’ –like Rob calls her– regularly came by. A doubting guest who could not make a choice in the wide assortment from the IJspaleis. She said ‘euh’ that often, so Rob introduced a new ice bucket.

playful campaign

It is not the first playful campaign of the ice cream palace. In the past they already had a bucket with the special name ‘who knows – ice cream’.
Curious about the changing tastes of the “euh-ice’? Visit the website of IJspaleis Driehuis.

Website: Ijspaleis Driehuis

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