Liefmans ice cream | At ice cream parlor Bon Appetit in Breda


Do you love Liefmans beer and ice cream? Then you have to go to ice cream parlor Bon Appetit in Breda, a city in the south of the Netherlands. Since last week, this ice cream parlor sells Liefmans ice cream. Even better, at this moment, there is a promotion! Bon Appetit and city blog InBreda are going to give away 100 Liefmans ice creams. The Liefmans ice creams are served in a special Liefmans glasses that you can take home.

Liefmans ice cream by Bon Appetit

Owner of the ice cream parlor Bon Appetit Edwin van Es: “We have created the ice cream till it reached the perfect flavor. Since we’ve posted the Liefmans ice cream on our Facebook page, the promotion went viral. To date, 300.000x people have been reached with the post and there are already more than 3.800 comments.”

The promotion activity is a collaboration between ice cream parlor Bon Appetit, city blog InBreda and Liefmans. InBreda is a city blog that blogs about everything that the city Breda has to offer. Peter van den Broek, Account Manager at InBreda said the following: “InBreda is a strong community that wants to promote the city. Last Saturday we posted a picture of the Liefmans ice cream on our Facebook page. This Facebook post has been ‘liked’, shared and seen by many people. We received a lot of positive reactions. Afterwards we’ve been to Bon Appetit to try the ice cream ourselves. That’s what triggered the idea for the promotion. To date, the promotion around the Liefmans ice cream almost reached half a million people on Facebook. A promotion by three companies that went viral. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Liefmans ice cream is also going to be sold in cities such as Eindhoven, Maastricht and Tilburg. It’s unknown until when the promotion will continue. You can try the ice cream the entire summer. It’s not that only 100 ice creams will be given away.”

The ice cream isn’t only nice to eat, but the promotion also shows how big the impact of Social Media can be. And a nice example of collaboration between companies! Would you like to win one of the 100 ice creams? Mention the people with whom you would like to try a Liefmans ice cream here!


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Website: De ijssalon van Breda

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