Pay per minute at Ziferblat


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At the ‘Ziferblat’ café everything is free, except the time you spend there. In the café consumers can use the wi-fi, bring their own food and drinks, drink unlimited coffee and the ingredients to make a lunch are presented. Guests pay € 0,04 per minute, but many consumers give an extra tip on top of the bill. There are 10 Ziferblat cafés, mainly in Russia. Recently the first pay-as-you-feel café opened in London.

Kromkommer crowdfunding


Around 5 – 10% of the Dutch vegetable and fruit produce is wasted because the products don’t fit the ‘common appearance’. Kromkommer wants to use these weird shaped vegetables and fruits for an alternative series of soups. Therefore Lisanne van Zwol, Jente de Vries and Chantal Engelen started a crowdfunding campaign to raise € 25. 000,- and produce the soups themselves. Their goal is to motivate 20.000 crazy vegetable heroes in 2014. According to the ladies, someone is already a vegetable hero after buying one of the soups, because the content would otherwise be wasted. The collected donations will be used for purchasing vegetables from growers, transportation to the factory, production of the soups and design and print of the labels. Donators can choose from a range of rewards like tickets to the launch event (€ 10,-), a visit to the factory or one of the growers and a fair amount of soup packages (€ 500,-).

In 2013 Kromkommer collaborated with hospitality industry wholesaler ‘Zegro’ to reduce waste. With their Kromkommer concept the ladies are nominated for the ‘Horecava Innovation Award’ 2014.

Streetsmart project in Amsterdam


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Sandra Chedi (Amstel Botel) and Bert van der Leden (Supperclub) are entrepreneurs in Amsterdam’s hospitality industry that took the initiative to launch Streetsmart Amsterdam. The initiative asks restaurant visitors to pay one euro on top of the bill to prevent people to get homeless. If the project is successful in Amsterdam it will be deployed nationwide. Check for a list of all participating restaurants. For the occasion a book with recipes of chefs from Amsterdam is published as well.

Great start of the Restaurantweek in Leiden


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The Restaurant Week in Leiden starts today and runs until November the 17th. Participating restaurants donate one euro per couvert to the charity ‘Het Willem-Alexander Kinderfonds’. But last Thursday (November the 7th) René Redzepi, chef and owner of Restaurant Noma ( Copenhagen), ushered this week by lecturing about his latest book, ‘A Work in Progress’. The event was attended by over 250 foodies and chefs. The happening was a co-creation between LeidsLekkers ( the organizer of the Restaurant Week in Leiden) and Niels Vreeling, who recently realized his dream, Babooka , a quirky bookstore. A relaxed lecture and book signing, during which amongst others, restaurant Kitch& and Restaurant in the Doofpot (one Michelinstar) served delicious appetizers. At the last restaurant, René Redzepi dined before the lecture. According to the owner, Anton Verschelling, the entire kitchen team was very excited to show their skills to the ‘master’. Given the level of their appetizers that were served during the book signing session, this must have been no problem!

Culinary mustache


  • movember

When you order a dish at restaurant Kom Eten there is a chance that you will get a mustache served. Not a real hairy mustache, but a dish in the shape of a mustache. The Movember campaign calls for worldwide attention for prostate and testicular cancer by encouraging men to grow moustaches and raise funds. Restaurant Kom Eten has set up a great promotion during the Movember month. The restaurant serves as much dishes as possible in the shape of a mustache and 5% of sales will go to charity. Want extra discount of the ‘mustache’ dishes? Ask fathers, grandfathers, brothers and other Mo bro’s and get 10% off the bill.

Trust: Pay as you feel


A new restaurant concept that focuses on community trust opened in the Albert Cuypstraat in Amsterdam. The ‘Trust’ restaurant brings food, art and pleasure together in an ‘Come as you are, Pay as you feel’ form. The menu is made by Hilary’s Table, the design by Cath Laporte and Alice Spadaro. The concept is inspired by Hugo Leemhuis, Ingrid Helsloot, Joyce Olivier, Maarten Zwemmer, Mariella van Mackelenbergh and Noor Lawant, the restaurant is ‘open unless closed’.

Check-splitter by Google


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A group of Google employees have applied for a patent that describes a process for splitting bill. This application might indicate the development of an app where (restaurant) bills can be divided easily and mobile payments are tracked automatically.

Is this the solution for ‘Going Dutch’ in restaurants, or just an unnecessary gadget?

Brides will say ‘I do in Choo’ at Boston Harbor Hotel


‘I do in Choo’. The Boston Harbor Hotel started a partnership with the luxury shoe brand ‘Jimmy Choo’. Brides who book their wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel may select a statement pair of bridal shoes at the Jimmy Choo boutique in Boston for this special day. This wedding offer is unique and the goal is to make the wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel elegant, memorable and fun. The promotion is only for brides who book their wedding by December 31, 2013 hosted on a date of January 1, 2014 – March 31, 2014 and on Fridays and Sundays April 1, 2014 – December 28, 2014.

Become a feedie besides being a foodie


Share your food photos online and share actual food with those children who need it. Feedie, a new free app, aims to channel all the food ínstagrammers’ toward a common goal. After a restaurant guest uploads a photo on Feedie and shares it on his or hers social networks (Google+, Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter), participating restaurants donate money to The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a daily meal to extremely poor school children. The app has been launched officially on October 9 at The Lunchbox Fund’s annual gala. Quite some restaurants in New York are participating, including Del Posto, The Spotted Pig and La Esquina. Feedie says on their website that they are already working international.

Bello Limoncello measuring card


There are Bello Limoncello bottles with a measure card on the tables at café restaurant Braque and Mata Hari in Amsterdam. This makes it easier to pour a glass of Limoncello (or a few more) and you don’t have to buy a whole bottle. The idea for this service sprouted in Italy, where limoncello producer Natwerk found out that local restaurants estimate the amount of booze you’ve had from the limoncello bottle on the table. Thus they’ve made small addition to adapt the service for the Netherlands: a measuring card to ensure a fair price if you ‘Go Dutch’.

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