Panera cares, where you pay-what-you-can


A good article at Triple Pundit about Panera Bread’s founder Ronald Shaich who started a Community Café last year where guest can-pay-what-you-can.  Bottom line: Panera Bread created the Panera foundation and after 1 year Shaich estimates that about 20% of visitors to the cafes leave more than the suggested amount, 20% leave less and 60% leave the suggested donation. On average, each cafe serves 3,500 to 4,000 customers per week and generates about 75-80% of the retail value of the food.   

Oscar Stock Market System


Ordering a drink in a bar will never be the same with the Oscar Stock Market system of the Belgium companies Torex and Drugstore. This POS won in 2010 the ‘Innovation Award’ of the Horeca Expo, for new concepts. A dynamic screen in the bar shows the current prices of the drinks, based on the fluctuating stock prices. Even a stock crash can be simulated. A nice way of increasing the experience around ordering drinks and herewith stimulate the sales. 


No damage from online reviews


ReviewPush allows owners of a business to stay on top of their reviews in an efficient way. There are so many user reviews sites, that it is more difficult for business owners to keep up with all of them. ReviewPush monitors most user review sites on a daily basis and alerts the business owner via a customized review report.

Being paid for watching commercials


These commercials are integrated in the videogames. The commercials can be found in over 350 different games which you can play through Facebook. Unfortunetaly you won’t become rich, watching these commercials: you will receive around €0,07 in Facebook credits, which you can spend on Facebook deals.


Twister Restaurant in Kiev


Do you need some inspiration for designing a restaurant? Check out The CoolHunter website for more inspirational pictures.

Wine tasting with QR codes



For the first time, the QR-code is used in the wine industry. This new mobile technology is applied at Wijnen & Likeuren Dulst, Blanden (Belgium). The try-out wines come with a QR code which can be scanned with a smartphone. The code links directly to a website where all information about the wine is readable on the screen of the phone: Where is the wine produced? What is the composition? How long can I store the wine? Next to which dish can I serve this wine best?

Innovative hospitality concepts map


The hospitality is a dynamic, creative industry. There are daily reports of new concepts or awards for new companies and entrepreneurs. But where exactly are those companies? Branche organisation, KHN does put these companies together with you on this map.


Inspiration from 2007 Pay as you wish


A while ago Horecatrends spotted the ‘Pay as you wish’ concept and it is still growing in populairity. Last Thursday, customers at restaurant Trien in Herpen (near Nijmegen) could decide what they payed for their meals. During the evening they’ve collected €4650,- for charity.


Green London city guide


Greentraveller produced in association with VisitEngland a guide to Green London. A handy pocket-sized map that features eco-friendly restaurants, hotels, cafes and attractions in the capital. Copies of the leaflet are available free of charge at eight Tourist Information Centres in and around London and the leaflet is also downloadable as a pdf.


Snap a photo of a bill, then click to pay


Danske Bank has found a new way to make online payments easier. First you download the bank’s mobile app and then use your phone’s camera to snap a picture of your bill. All the relevant information is automatically filled in and you only have to click on pay.

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