Pick your charity


Customers of Blue State Coffee shops in Providence in the U.S. can decide for their own to which charity the coffee chain donates part of its revenue. With every coffee purchased, the customer receives a coin, this coin can then be placed in different containers. Each box represents a good cause. Since its opening in 2007 Blue State Coffee has donated more than $ 175,000 to over 50 charities.

Record amount wine auction


On Saturday, October 30th, the most expensive bottles of wine were auctioned. They are three bottles of Chateau Lafite’s from 1869. The bottles auctioned seperately for the total sum of $230,000.= U.S. dollars. All three bottles were bought by an Asian bidder over the telephone.

Luxury train service Moskou-Nice


Late September a new train service between Moscow and Nice was introduced. With a speed of only 65 km per hour, passengers can enjoy a 53-hour train journey. On board there are luxury sections equipped with showers and minibars. Ticket costs between € 300,= and € 1.200, =. Nice has long been a popular resort among the Russian elite, since the Romanovs built a house there in 1856.



Fair phone is the world’s first public, non-profit developer of mobile phones. The production wil be processed in a human and environmentally friendly manner. On the website of fair phone, consumers can also participate in the campaign and design challenge. People can influence the design of the phone.

Worlds strongest beer…for now


The Scottish brewer Brewdog designed these bottles of beer, which cost € 580,= and contain 55% alcohol. The bottle is wrapped in dead squirrels or stoats. Although the brewery says only ‘roadkills’ are used, it’s a pretty controversial packaging.  

Last minute dining


Through www.lastminutedining.nl you make a restaurant reservation at the last moment. Guests do receive a code for a 20%-discount from the bill.

Google checkout


Owners of a smartphone now don’t have to have cash on them anymore. With Google Checkout you can pay immediately. It works with a QR-Code. The host scans the code, which is linked to the customers credit card and the amount will be credited directly.

Place your bid on the chefs table


The popular chef’s table at restaurant Ivy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is now being auctioned. Up to 10 days in advance people can place their bids. The minimum bid is € 1.350,= and for the amount of € 3.000,=, the table is directly yours!

Dude, where is my tip


Many tourists pay in hotels and restaurants abroad with their credit card. The downside is that the staff misses out on their tip. Where’s My Tip? now has a solution: The tip card. Put a specified amount on a card and give this card to a staff member. He or she can then use the code on the card to transfer the money to his own account.

NExt restaurants worldmenus


Next Restaurant in Chicago will start a new concept. The restaurant will serve menus based on cities of the world in the past or the future. For example, a menu called “Paris 1912”, the menu of Hong Kong from the future, 2036. The most special feature of this concept will be that you will have to buy tickets online to make a reservation.  

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