Dude, where is my tip


Many tourists pay in hotels and restaurants abroad with their credit card. The downside is that the staff misses out on their tip. Where’s My Tip? now has a solution: The tip card. Put a specified amount on a card and give this card to a staff member. He or she can then use the code on the card to transfer the money to his own account.

NExt restaurants worldmenus


Next Restaurant in Chicago will start a new concept. The restaurant will serve menus based on cities of the world in the past or the future. For example, a menu called “Paris 1912”, the menu of Hong Kong from the future, 2036. The most special feature of this concept will be that you will have to buy tickets online to make a reservation.  

Meat from a vending machine


Izarzugaza is a highly respected butcher in northern Spain. While the meat is prepared traditionally, the marketing techniques are state-of-the-art. Last year he started selling online and ordering via touch screen, this year they installed a 24-hour vending machine, filled with the best meats, according to the season.

Concierge get help from iPads


Equiped with the new iPads, concierges from several Intercontinental Hotels can provide the guests with the latest information. Also, by means of visualization, 3D route information and promotional films, the iPads can be an addition for both concierges and guests.

Classy burgers at Burger & Barrel, NY


When you get an article in Vogue magazine long before the opening in June, then your expected to become a very trendy burger bar in New York. The name is Burger & Barrel and the bar belongs to the owner of Lure Fishbar. Menu: from luxury light burgers to the classic burgers and many salads.

Get a room


Always wanted to take home the hotel room you stayed in? Now you can. Buy a DIY hotel suite kit and you will be able to buy everything from your hotelroom.  

Worlds oldest whiskey


This Mortlach 70 whiskey from Scotland is officially the world’s oldest whiskey. This whiskey is 70 years old and has an alcohol content of 46.1%. A total of 54 large and 162 small bottles are produced. The large bottles are sold for £ 9,999 while the smaller bottles are solf for £ 2,499.

Digital menu


Otoucho is a digital menu. With Otoucho guests can interactively browse through the menu at their own table, place orders, call waiters, ask for the check and they have access to services such as games, news and traffic information.

Open source restaurant


Restaurant Instructables opened in Amsterdam. This restaurant is a so-called “open source restaurant”. This means that of everything you eat in the restaurant, the recipe can be found on their website, as well as an instruction about how to recreate the furniture.


Online marketplace voor hotels and restaurants


The site www.horecavoorhoreca.nl is a Dutch online marketplace for hotels, restaurants and catering entrepreneurs. Here anything can be offered, from inventory to ingredients.

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