Pause Ritzy | a great alternative to the formal business lunch


Leonie van Spronsen, lives and works in Paris and finds the most amazing spots for you to sleep and eat as The Localpolitan, this time she writes about a workshop lunch she had at The Ritz, Pause Ritzy.

It occurs very often, business travel where businessman or -woman barely get to see the destination which they are visiting, a real shame sometimes. This is especially a shame at the moment there is quite a bit of time in the program. Specifically when visiting Mediterranean countries, here they will easily schedule 2 hours for a lunch. The Ritz Paris has found an excellent solution to this.

Pause Ritzy – a cooking workshops at the Ritz in Paris

They organize the ‘Pause Ritzy’, a concept where you enjoy a cooking workshop in small teams (think of 14 pax). During 1h15 you cook and enjoy your meal with an excellent glass of wine or without.

The cooking school is located in the fancy Ritz Paris and is stunning; if you are lucky you even have a view of the real kitchens of the Ritz during your workshop. Obviously they only work with the freshest and most delicious products, the cooking is not too difficult but you could walk away with some new knowhow on some great basic techniques. You enjoy a great teambuilding activity and the meal is delicious. And even the price is reasonable at €65,= per person. This way you do get a sense of being in Paris, I mean you have ‘cooked in the Ritz’, without losing loads of time or money, a great concept! Definitely something that could work in all major cities..

Website: Ritz Paris

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