Free wine from the ‘Fontana del Vino’ at a local winery in Italy


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A small village in Italy, Caldari di Ortona, has a free wine fountain! Everybody can drink from the ‘Fontana del Vino’ but it’s primarily for those taking the Cammino di San Tommaso pilgrimage. The fountain, located in the Abruzzo region, serves red wine 24/7. A gesture to the town and those who enjoy the pilgrimage between Rome and the Cathedral of Ortona by the Dora Sarchese winery.

Free wine

Hikers who get thirsty during their journey should make a stop at the vineyards of Dora Sarchese in Caldari di Ortano. Normally it’s great to drink a sip of water from a fountain while hiking, at this vineyard you can take a break with free wine!

For the record: the fountain isn’t a place to get drunk! It should be seen as a meeting point for hikers who walk the pilgrimage. A great initiative by the winemaker. It brings together hikers and maybe it might also stimulate wine lovers to go hiking! Anyway, it provides a lot of publicity. Perhaps an idea for an Italian restaurant? Or a way to organise wine tastings?

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Website: Dora Sarchese

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