Become a feedie besides being a foodie


Share your food photos online and share actual food with those children who need it. Feedie, a new free app, aims to channel all the food ínstagrammers’ toward a common goal. After a restaurant guest uploads a photo on Feedie and shares it on his or hers social networks (Google+, Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter), participating restaurants donate money to The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a daily meal to extremely poor school children. The app has been launched officially on October 9 at The Lunchbox Fund’s annual gala. Quite some restaurants in New York are participating, including Del Posto, The Spotted Pig and La Esquina. Feedie says on their website that they are already working international.

Bello Limoncello measuring card


There are Bello Limoncello bottles with a measure card on the tables at café restaurant Braque and Mata Hari in Amsterdam. This makes it easier to pour a glass of Limoncello (or a few more) and you don’t have to buy a whole bottle. The idea for this service sprouted in Italy, where limoncello producer Natwerk found out that local restaurants estimate the amount of booze you’ve had from the limoncello bottle on the table. Thus they’ve made small addition to adapt the service for the Netherlands: a measuring card to ensure a fair price if you ‘Go Dutch’.

Flemish Kitchen Rebels


From 1 October to 15 November for the fifth time, young talented chefs from Flanders will be promoted both domestically and abroad. 38 Young chefs were elected last year, but this year the jury selected 45 young chefs. As well as last year, people from 18 to 30 years can enjoy a three-course menu for € 45,=. The chefs will also be promoted abroad this to give an impression of the young Flemish gastronomy. This is an initiative by Vlaanderen Lekker Land and Tourism Vlaanderen, Horeca Vlaanderen and 5 Provincial touristic organisations.

McDonald’s mobile order app


  • McDonalds

McDonald’s is testing a mobile order app. Customers can use the app to place an order and pay through their phone. The order can be picked up at the drive through or in the shop. The app provides special offers and a loyalty program. With the app McDonald’s wants to offer more convenience to place an order. At this moment the application is tested in Salt Lake City.

Split the hotel room bill with a stranger


  • hotelkamer

Most hotels charge the same price for a double room, whether you are alone or with two people. The website of Easynest enables solo tourists to share a hotel room with another traveler and share the costs. When you sign in on the website you can start looking for a companion to share your hotel room with. Although the focus of the site is on saving money during your trip, Easynest also provides a way for travelers to make friend, or even find a companion, while visiting a city. Looking at their website we imagine that the service will specially be used at big events.

Alcohol free beverages and food pairing


Alcohol free beverages and food pairing: Restaurant ‘In de keuken van Floris’ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, provides a great example. They treat their guests, because of their their 7 year anniversary, on a free wine pairing during their nine-course dinner. For those who do not drink alcohol, they serve a freshly squeezed juices arrangement. They will treat their guests from Wednesday to Friday until August the 2nd 2013.

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High Heel Friday


  • hoge hakken

A great promotion of the Swissotel in Zurich! During the High Heel Friday women get 3% discount on their bill for every centimeter of heel. An original way to give your guests discount on their bill. So lady’s, put on your highest heels!

Peer-to-peer lending


The platform AirBnB where individuals can offer their homes for temporary rental to tourists or expats has now become a huge success. It appears that more branches copy this concept. We’ve spotted ‘Eat With‘, a website where users can offer their ‘kitchen’ as an alternative for the restaurants in the area. CampInMyGarden, a website that offers sleeping places in gardens and outdoor houses, a cheap night and often at central locations. Now the platform ‘Boat Bound’ is launched. Whether you are looking for a fishing boat, a sailboat or a barge, Boat Bound offers private boats anywhere in the United States, at any price. We wonder when we can rent a boat in the canals for Amsterdam at Boat Bound.

Bring your own cocktail spirits


Cocktail bar B.Y.O.C. in London asks their guests to bring their own alcohol, while it supplies the mixers. The cocktail bar doesn’t have an alcohol license, so they let guests bring their own drinks. The bartenders have a cocktail trolley with ingredients that go well with the alcohol brought and mixes them together to create their cocktail. The cocktail trolley contains ingredients such as syrups, juices, fruit, spices and soft drinks.

The longest tasting meal


Carrie and Simon from unearthed® attempted to set a world record for the ‘World Longest Tasting Menu’. On Thursday 13th June they ate 193 bite-sized courses, one from every country in the world in 24 hours (that’s 8 courses per hour). Carrie and Simon were joined by colleagues, suppliers and journalists. A team of four chefs spent 130 hours prepping and cooking the 193 dishes. All the money raised is being donated to the foundation ‘Action Against Hunger’. To get an impression of what they ate, check out the instagram feed.

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