Donate oversized food portions


It often happens that restaurant guests not eat their whole dish, because the dish was larger than they expected. The German Food Bank ‘Düsseldorf table’ and agency ‘Ogilvy & Mather Germany’ launched the campaign ‘All you Can Eat’. Participating restaurants can place a sticker on the menu next to the dishes that tend to be served larger than guests can estimate. Guests have the option to choose for a smaller portion at the same price. The saved money will be donated to the food bank.

Pay with your fingerprint


From tomorrow it is possible to carry out mobile payments with your fingerprint. Consumers can use the fingerprint scanner of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 to pay through PayPal. The fingerprint is converted to a key that has been encrypted and gets access to PayPal. To activate the fingerprint, consumers must give permission once via an e-identifier. A lot easier for the consumer, it’s not necessary to fill in any data or remember the passwords, but simply swipe a finger across the screen.

Contactless payment at NS retail stores


Starting this week, it is possible for the consumer to pay contactless with a Maestro debit card at the NS retail stores in the Netherlands. Tomorrow, NS retail introduces the contactless payments in collaboration with MasterCard in the NS retail stores like ‘Broodzaak’, Smullers, Kiosk and Julia’s. The consumer can pay by holding the mobile phone or the debit card against the payment terminal. For an amount below € 25,= there is no PIN required. This method of payment saves time, particularly at the stations, where consumers are often in a hurry.

Parachute delivery after mobile payment


David McDonald and Adam Grant wanted to serve sandwiches from the 7th floor of a building, one of the reasons was the lack of affordable retail spaces on street level. They chose to use parachutes and started the Jafflechute company. The customers have to pay via a smartphone and can pick-up their order at a mark near the building.

The price strategy of Dagelijks Lekker


  • dagelijks lekker

Recently the 4th store of Dagelijks Lekker (Daily Yummy) opened in Leiden. The stores are located at prime locations in Alkmaar, Haarlem and at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Dagelijks Lekker delivers mainly to employees of stores and offices, but also serves to passersby. The price strategy is remarkable, all the products cost € 1.70. The assortment includes products like soup, smoothies, soft drinks, fresh sandwiches, etc.. This concept is spotted by Wesley Huning.

Pay a KLM booking through social media


  • social media

Now KLM Royal Dutch Airlines makes it possible for customers to pay their booking through social media. Consumers are already able to book extra services through social media, such as a seat reservation or extra baggage addition, but they can now pay their booking via Facebook or Twitter as well. KLM will send the customer a link in a private message on Facebook or Twitter, consumers can choose the method of payment and complete the transaction. A KLM service agent receives a payment confirmation and sends a message to the customer. KLM is the first airline that makes it possible to pay through social media.

Child friendly restaurant Sjalot en Schanul


Restaurant Sjalot & Schanul in Belgium is welcoming to all its guests, including the children. The restaurant charges a fee for children based on their age. A child of 4 years will receive a dinner for € 4,= and a 6-year old will pay € 6,= for a slightly larger portion.

Hospitality Crowd Funding Netherlands


The first crowd funding platform especially for the Dutch hospitality industry is developed: Hospitality Crowd funding Netherlands. The platform helps hospitality businesses to raise capital. Hospitality Crowd funding Netherlands brings investors and hospitality business in touch with each other, so that the Dutch hospitality industry can continue to innovate.

The Burger Shed


  • The Burger Shed

The famous Australian chef Justin North opened ‘The Burger Shed’ last year. He is the first of many chefs to develop a gourmet burger food concept. Because of the financial crisis in Australia, many customers choose for the opportunity of dining out inexpensively. ‘The Burger Shed’ is designed by Mima Design based on the concept; an inviting restaurant that expresses quality and affordability. The burger restaurant has brick walls, a concrete floor with elements of wooden pallets, raw materials and industrial lighting. Back-to-basics. The menu of ‘The Burger Shed’ focuses on the use of local and high-quality products. The menu offers four types of burgers (beef, lamb, chicken and Portobello), fish tacos and chicken tortillas.

New pasta restaurant in Rotterdam


  • De Pasta Kantine

A no nonsense restaurant, eating food as nature intended it: new in Rotterdam is ‘De Pasta Kantine’ (translated as the pasta canteen). Various pasta dishes, salads made from fresh and biological ingredients. Guests can also order half portions to taste a bit of everything. All dishes cost under € 10,= and are available gluten free, except the lasagnas. With the ‘Container for the neighbors’ suggestion guests are attended to take their leftovers home. A bottle of tap water costs € 1,= and sponsors to ‘Dine4Them’, a foundation dedicated to the Youth Care Agency and the Food Bank Rotterdam.

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