Self-exploring wine bar concept, ‘By The Glass’| Rayleigh & Ramsay in Amsterdam


With the opening of Rayleigh & Ramsay in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has a unique wine-café, which focuses on independent wine exploration. The concept is similar to Vagebond Wines in London. They offer as many as 100 wines within eight taste profiles per trial cap, half a glass or a whole glass. Prices range from € 0,70 to € 15,-. The wines are presented in wine dispensers from which the guest can ‘tap’ with a pre-paid card. All wines can be evaluated and ordered online. Next to London and Amsterdam, this concept can be found in Riga, Geneva and Mauritius as well. Advisor and wholesaler of this concept is the Dutch organization By The Glass International.

Rayleigh & Ramsay

Rayleigh & Ramsay is a wine bar where you can also enjoy a great cup of coffee, a nice draft or another drink or cocktail. Where the wines can be caught by a card, welcoming bartenders are happy to serve a beer, coffee or another drink. They find the term ‘wine bar’ a bit daunting, but the serve  more than 100 wines per glass via the wine dispensers of By The Glass. So no sommelier, but there are friendly and knowledgeable staff members to give information or help to choose a great wine on request. Rayleigh & Ramsay wants to be a playground for the wine lover who knows a lot about wines, but also for those who just starts discovering wine. There is something for everyone, so also for the experienced drinker who is looking for a more complex challenge. Watch this video about the concept.

By The Glass

Although our ex-colleague Bram Kosterink already wrote very enthusiastically about a similar system that he had spotted in Tuscany in 2015, and we also encountered smaller systems in hotel lobbies, we have not seen so many wines By The Glass yet it in the Netherlands as with Rayleigh & Ramsay. And as wine lovers it sounds particularly attractive! By the way, By The Glass also supplied their system at the award winning wine bars of Vagebond Wines in London.

The opportunity to order a fine wine by the glass is highly appreciated by wine lovers. Especially if you are eating out together and one person is the designated driver, the other person often has no choice but to drink the house wine. A unit of By The Glass gives you the opportunity to surprise the wine lovers among your guests and makes special wines available in price.

Bron: By The Glass

Website: Rayleigh & Ramsay

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