Rocycle | Boutique gym in the Netherlands


At Rocycle’s boutique gyms, you get a full-body workout on a spinning bike in 45 minutes. Unlike other gyms, you can do nothing but spin at Rocycle. The costs are also higher but you’ll have to take in consideration that they will arrange everything for you and that you’ll get training from top instructors. The idea comes from America, where the company SoulCycle has grown into a group of 74 boutique gyms in the recent years.

Rocycle | Boutique gym

First of all, an explanation of what a boutique gym is. These gyms are often specialized in one or more activities and use a different membership model. Consumers pay per class, which will be given by specialized top instructors. Other features are a more intimate and pleasant setting and the use of contemporary technology.

Rocycle fits in this picture. If you participate in one of the intensive spinning sessions, everything is taken care of: your bicycle shoes, a towel, a bottle of water, zenology care products and the best equipment on the market. In the training hall a dozens of speakers take care of the sound and when the lesson starts, the lights go out and it’s 45 minutes straight on the pedals. The difference with other gyms is also in the subscription. Rocycle, like SoulCycle, focuses on the top of the market. You don’t purchase a subscription but pay per Ro Ride (€ 18,=) or you buy several classes in advance.

The Netherlands

Whether the Netherlands is ready for a boutique gym remains exciting and experimenting. At the present Rocycle has 2 boutique gyms in Amsterdam: one at the city centre and one at the Zuidas. In an article in the Dutch magazine Sprout, Rogier van Duyn (founder) showed a lot of ambition, he wants to open 50 gyms throughout Europe within ten years.


Website: Rocycle

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