Relaxed atmosphere at Alex + Pinard | A place to enjoy a plate of cheese, charcuterie and a glass of wine


  • Alex + Pinard AmsterdamAlex + Pinard Amsterdam
  • Alex + Pinard AmsterdamAlex + Pinard Amsterdam
  • Alex + Pinard AmsterdamAlex + Pinard Amsterdam
  • Alex + Pinard AmsterdamAlex + Pinard Amsterdam
  • Alex + Pinard AmsterdamAlex + Pinard Amsterdam
  • Alex + Pinard AmsterdamAlex + Pinard Amsterdam

More and more restaurants and wine bars open with the focus on a ‘relaxed atmosphere’. No culinary delights but great products and a nice glass of wine. Recently the wine café Alex + Pinard has opened in Amsterdam. The idea for the wine bar came from chef Nathaniel Zuijderwijk and sommelier Sanna Burggraaf, they were looking for a place to relax and drink a good glass of wine with quality, tasty food but couldn’t find. Thus they decided to join forces and create such a place in Amsterdam East. In this article, likewise concepts in New York, Amsterdam and The Hague.

Wine café Alex + Pinard in Amsterdam

Where in southern countries it is common to have a nice glass of wine, combined with a small board of charcuterie and cheese to eat, we saw this concept quickly evolving in 2017 in Amsterdam. I must honestly say that if we visit a city, I always really enjoy to have lunch and enjoy the above concept in the evening. This is now also possible in Amsterdam at Alex + Pinard (French for a glass of table wine). Here they want to make good wine accessible to everyone. This means that the quality of the wine is high but still affordable. For example, all (mostly organic) wines served at Alex + Pinard come from small wine producers who pay a lot of attention to quality. The wine consists as much as possible of pure grape juice without too many added preservatives such as sugar. Of course, the taste of the wine also plays a major role in the search for the best wines. This makes the wine menu of Alex + Pinard full of surprising wines from various wine regions. The menu is also based on pure products. For example, Alex + Pinard offers a choice of, among other things, Spanish hams, French cheeses, Italian sausages, but also Coq Au Riesling (chicken stewed in Riesling) and steak tartare.

Enjoy casual Charc in New York

In New York, chef Danny Brown, who has owned a Michelin-star restaurant ‘Danny Wine Bar and Kitchen’ in Queens for almost 10 years, has now embarked on a completely different culinary journey. He opened Charc Bar | Charcuterie in Manhattan. A casual restaurant with 25 seats serving home-made, traditional charcuterie, local cheeses, sandwiches, sharable plates, seasonal vegetables and pasta. The wine list includes wines from all over the world and they also serve cocktails and beers.

There are more venues where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine, tasty plate of cheese and charcuterie:

There are of course many more places where you can enjoy a this is possible. We recently wrote about the following concepts.

This autumn restaurant Spingaren opened in Amsterdam. Springaren is a company that focuses on the artisanal making of charcuterie and the fermentation of vegetables and fish. Their team has a catering history and decided to combine both passions and open a charcuterie restaurant.

The wine bar Rayleigh & Ramsay has also recently opened in Amsterdam. Here you can choose between 100 wines divided into eight taste profiles that are offered per sample, half-glass or whole glass. They work with the system of By the Glass International. So you can tap your own wine while enjoying a slightly more extensive menu than just cheese and charcuterie.

Bouzy Wine & Food (opened in 2015) has now become a highly recommend wine bar in The Hague. They also offer a relaxed atmosphere in an accessible bar with a sturdy, but also warm vintage look with natural light through the many windows. The wines are the heart of Bouzy and they also serve snacks and dishes in bistro style such as bruschetta, flammkuchen, bites with fish and meat, charcuterie, salads, cheese, coq au vin and desserts. ^Marjolein

Website: Wine Café Alex + Pinard 

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