Sauna day for breast cancer patients


Newly opened wellness center ‘Sauna Swoll’ initiated the first wellness day for breast cancer patients together with after care center ‘Intermezzo’. Breast cancer often leads to breast amputation and can be a reason for patients to avoid wellness centers. The wellness center is open on 23rd of September from 11.00 to 21.00 o’clock.

Washing dishes to pay the bill


Some people joke around, if you cannot pay the bill, you will end up in the kitchen to do the dishes. Scotch-Brite, a Brazilian supplier of cleaning supplies, started a marketing campaign to reach the younger target. In several restaurants in Sao Paulo, people receive, when asking for the bill, a Scotch-Brite sponge that read, “Don’t want to pay the bill? Go wash the dishes”.

Most expensive cupcake


We recently decided to put no more cupcake variations at our website and then we saw this youtube movie…. Great, quiet youtube video about the making of the most expensive cupcake, according to Bloomsbury’s bakery in Dubai. The Golden Phoenix costs 800 euro.

McSucces by Ubel Zuiderveld


McDonald’s is one of the most succesfull restaurants in the world. Even during economical crises the company still thrives. This Dutch book by Ubel Zuiderveld provides a view in McDonald’s ‘kitchen’. He has published some articles in English as well.

Michelin and San Pellegrino compared


  • voorpagina Het Sterrenrestaurant in Beeld

The top lists by San Pellegrino and Michelin are very different in some countries. Japan has for example 36 three star restaunts according to Michelin, while the San Pellegrino qualifies only two Japanese restaurants as top restaurant. More in this (Dutch) comparison by Van Spronsen & Partners.

Room for Art at Clarion Hotel Stockholm


The Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden accepts self-made art as a form of payment for a two person stay overnight. Check the conditions at their site. Although we have seen more promotions like this, we still think it raises more attention then just offering budget deals!



BookDifferent is a non-profit foundation which operates worldwide and supports many charities. By booking a hotelroom, 50% will be donated to a chosen charity. BookDifferent is collaborating with

Around the plate


At we regularly organize trend presentations. Recently we were invited by Our Common Food to inspire the teams. Take a look at the (Dutch) Prezi presentation here.

Conference for hospitality businesses


The conference Meerwaarde 2.0 is only available in Dutch.

Discount on your cocktails


Had a bad day on the stock exchange? Go to the Waldorf-Astoria’s Bull & Bear Steakhouse in New York. The bar is offering discounts, based on the stock market for the day. For example, if the stock has decreased by 4,5% you get $ 4.50 discount on your cocktails. The bar is known to be one of the leaders in New York.

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