High Wine


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Restaurant Moerstede in Bergen op Zoom organizes a High Wine with culinary tapas on June 19. Led by a wine connoisseur, they will make a wine journey through different countries served with matching culinary tapas. A nice initiative that reminded us of the idea of a High Wine or High Bubbles from our booklet ‘Royal Hospitable Gestures‘. Based on the fact that in the Netherlands affordable High Tea is doing very well at restaurants and at various catering locations at garden centers. The success of these High Tea, Wine and Bubbles? You should just be able to walk in and order, so no reservations. It should be affordable and with lots of appetizers. It gives your guests the opportunity to pamper themselves (a bit luxury at an affordable way).

Fjord Eat and Drink


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Today the new restaurant Fjord Eat & Drink opens. Inspiration for this restaurant is the purity of the Norwegian fjords. The restaurant has a tough look with a cozy atmosphere. The interior is characterized by different chairs made of different materials. The restaurant serves high quality products with a clear origin for an affordable price. The meat is matured in house and is delivered by regional suppliers. The restaurants also has two spacious rooms for meetings and party and the terrace will open in May.

Suspended fries at friturist


Following the ‘Caffe Sospeso’ and the ‘Suspended Coffee’ we now spotted the ‘Suspended Fries’. Owner Eric Duhamel, of the snackbar Bompa in Brussels, is the initiator. His customers can buy one portion of fries for the price of two! They can leave the voucher they receive for social workers in the neighborhood or give them away to Brussels’ homeless people. The first week the friturists sold sixty portions ‘Suspended fries’ and thirty were claimed. There are several frituristen in Belgium who will follow the initiative (a Friturist is an owner of a snackbar in Belgium).

Escape Flight choose a destination for people


Sometimes it’s difficult to choose a destination when you want to get away for the weekend. Recently the travel site ‘Escape Flight’ launched in the U.K. ‘Escape Flight’ chooses a destination for their clients, they only have to give input as what they are looking for, like culture, food, nightlife or outdoor and sort results based on price, hassle or weather. So ‘Escape Flight’ works by finding locations that provide characteristics and attributes selected by the user, rather than searching directly for a specific deal. ‘Escape Flight is currently only operational for flights that depart from London.

Pay the bill with an app


How often did you get a great service at a restaurant and as only point of irritation had to wait too long for the bill? With the new app ‘Cover’, that will be introduced soon, you can walk out of the restaurant without physically paying the bill. The payment is taken from a credit card stored on the app. Guests do make their reservation through the app and enter the payment information. The ‘Uber’s payment experience at restaurants’ according to Clover. It’s a new way of paying that is in particular useful for restaurants, it saves time and turns tables faster.

Discount for children with good behaviour


The Italian restaurant Sogno di Vino in America gives some families with children a discount on the bill. When children behave well during dinner, the parents will get a discount of 4 dollar. It is described at the bill as ‘Well behaved kids’.

Extra strong coffee on Monday morning


Starbucks introduces ‘Mondays can be great’ in the UK. From 7 January to 18 February you can get an extra strong cup of coffee for £1,50 until 11am. Click here for the promo video by Starbucks.

Americas most expensive tasting menus


Tasting menus give people the chance to sample each delicacy the restaurant offers. With three or four dishes the chef simply can’t present his entire range of skills. The 5 most expensive tasting menu’s of America:

1. Masa***, New York City. $1160 for 2 persons

2. Joël Robuchon***, Las Vegas. $1115 for 2 persons

3. Meadwood**, St. Helena. $1080 for 2 persons

4. Ursasawa**, Los Angeles. $967 for 2 persons

5. Guy Savay**, Las Vegas. $ 891 for 2 persons

Mom tell me a story and I will get a free meal


Only this week during the National Storytelling Week family restaurant Giraffe in London presents ‘Tell Us A Story’. Kids get free meals when they bring a book and their parents, grandparents or carers. Simply bring the kids to the restaurant untill 5pm, read them a story and the kids get a free meal when the adult orders a main course.

Professor Grunschnabel wants money


Professor Grunschnabel makes exclusive and classic ice-cream flavors without preservatives, added sugar and binders. There are around 100 selling points in the Netherlands. The ice-cream brand would like to grow and to increase the capacity. Therefore the brand needs money and asks fans for help to buy a new ice-cream machine. If you manage to collect 50 people that each donate €30,- , the lab comes to your place to produce ice-cream. For more information look at this website: http://www.oneplanetcrowd.nl/project/professor-grunschnabel 

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