Mantra Resort | Sleep with the fishes


At the Manta Resort in Tanzania you can spend the night in a special way. The resort offers a room which lays four meters beneath the waves. The room lies approximately 250m from the shore of Pemba Island, one of the islands surrounding Tanzania.

Manta Resort

Your journey will start by boarding a traditionally crafted wooden boat which takes you out to the underwater room. The room lies in the so-called blue hole and offers a 360 degrees view. By night, the underwater spotlights beneath each window around the room attract the shyer and more unusual fishes, for instance squid. A kayak, snorkel and fins will be provided and is all included during the stay as well as breakfast, dinner and a fully-stocked bar fridge. Although sleeping with the fishes seems a lot of fun, the price tag of $ 1.500 per night is quite expensive.

Website: Manta Resort

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