Self-sufficient farm-restaurant-hotel-amusementpark


Guest speaker at the Battle of the Cheetahs , Oogst 1000 Wonderland is a design for a self-sufficient farm, restaurant, hotel and amusement park for 1,000 people per day. Food for the restaurant comes from the central structure and directly adjacent fields. They combine fun with usefulness. Hotel guests are also the farmers, when you work, you can stay for free. Oogst 1000 does also has the worlds first toilets that are linked to a bio-gas energy system and were you actually get paid € 0.50 per visit.

Rest on a honey farm


The New York company Chandelier Creative created Surf Shack in Montaux. This is a weekend destination, exclusive for employees, clients and friends, to relax and to get inspired. Also, they cultivate special honey, which are created and packaged by employees, and serves as a gift to the weekend-guests.

Attractive waitresses serve coffee


At the end of January  we published a study with the outcome that young adults don’t like unsweetened coffee. Baristas, a fastfood coffee company, hires attractive waitresses that serve coffee in provocative costumes. The company is located in Seattle, Texas and Florida. Can Baristas attract young adults to like unsweetened coffee?

Eat me book


Eat Me is a book with a collection of special art products, brands, people and goods within the world of food. Not only interesting packaging of food, but also by-products such as tools, kitchen and menu design are in the book. There is also a special section in the book with a round-the-world-tour of the newest and most innovative cafes, bars, restaurants and shows. The book is available at the U.S. Book Store.

iPhone app uses QR codes to track employee hours


TimeStation is a system that combines code-embossed ID cards with an iPhone app in order to  track employees’ hours on the job. Employees need to check-in with their i-phone by scanning the  QR-code. In this way companies can see who is on the job.

Horeca Trendgids 2012


This week, the (Dutch) is presented and published. Tackle opportunities, creativity, collaborate and innovation dominate this edition. is a free digital magazine in which experts, including Marjolein van Spronsen (Horecatrends / Van Spronsen & Partners), give their vision on hospitality in 2012. This magazine is intended to be a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs of the industry.

Research Dutch wellness visitors


Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultancy has researched the wellness branch in the Netherlands. The focus of this research is the visitors’ view. The results of 800 questionnaires provide a clear and honest picture of both the visitors and non-visitors. The Dutch report provides insights on the motives and thoughts of the non-visitors (and thus potential visitors) and gives wellness related companies the tools to anticipate on the expectations of their target group.

Restaurant in the backyard


Malibu Farm Dinner is a new restaurant-concept in Malibu in which everything is focused on the micro-environment. Guests are dining in the garden of the farm where the entrepreneurs live and the ingredients and wines literally come from the backyard. In addition a live-band performs each evening of which the son of the entrepreneurs is a part of. In this way Malibu Farm doesn’t feel like a formal dinner, but more like a nice party at a friend’s house.

Your ‘private tap’ at the pub


Grand Café Maria, located in Utrecht (Netherlands), offers their guests their own private beer tap. Guests buy their own barrel of beer. Besides the fact that this increases the experience of the evening, it is cheaper for the guests, and it reduces the work of the employees.


A great invitation


The owners of the foodhall Eataly in New York do invite President Obama to visit. They have a banner hanging in their foodhall with the invitation to come and toast at his 50th birthday with a 1961 Barolo. An original way to invite a President! A beautiful food hall by the way where you can eat Italian food and buy it!

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