The first nitro-ice cream parlor


Chin Chin’s is, as they are saying, the first nitro-ice cream parlor. The combination of long white coats, liquid nitrogen, theatrical presentation and a fun design make this ice cream parlor a real experience.

The first holographic employees on Luton airport


The British aiport London Luton introduces the first holographic employees, Holly and Graham. For a test period of four to six weeks they are helping passengers at the baggage check area. The goal is accelerate the security check.



The Chinese Restaurant “Dalu Rebot” uses six robots to serve food and drinks to the tables. The robots follow a fixed route laid down in the restaurant. The idea behind these “restaurants robots” comes from the Shandong Dalu Science and Technology Company.

Skype with wine makers


The Dalles Grande Winery offers wine advice through Skype. Through Skype people can ask questions and advice on which wine best suits the occasion or their meal. Consumers who want skype for 10 minutes, have to buy a minimum of three bottles of wine.

Supermarket eith membership


In The People’s Supermarket, members receive a 10 percent discount on their groceries. For this membership, they need to pay an annual fee of £ 25,=. Besides this, each member has to work for four hours in that supermarkt. Thanks to the low personnelcosts, the supermarket can offer low prices.  

Papri, a must have for every hotel


The Papri is a double-sided door hanger with ‘do not disturb’ on one sideand and a checklist for housekeeping on the other side. On the checklist guests indicate what work they want done. It provides a green and more efficient management and better communication with the guest. Since the checklist is marked with erasable ink, the card is reusable. This makes the Papri not only guest, but also environmentally friendly.



Fair phone is the world’s first public, non-profit developer of mobile phones. The production wil be processed in a human and environmentally friendly manner. On the website of fair phone, consumers can also participate in the campaign and design challenge. People can influence the design of the phone.

Your Urban Framers


You like the benefits, but not the burden of a vegetable garden? The Young Urban Farmers take care of your vegetable garden for you. From sowing to harvesting. Do you prefer to do some activities yourself, but you don’t know how to do them? The Urban Farmers also teach people how to work in their garden, and how to take care of their crops.

It’s cool to be a dishwasher


Star Chef Jilt of restaurant “De Vlindertuin” in The Netherlands has respect for each link in his company. So he found that the most underestimated place, the dishwashing area, had to be converted into the coolest spot of his restaurant. 

Concierge get help from iPads


Equiped with the new iPads, concierges from several Intercontinental Hotels can provide the guests with the latest information. Also, by means of visualization, 3D route information and promotional films, the iPads can be an addition for both concierges and guests.

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