Variation Chef of the year


The ‘Variation in the kitchen’ foundation stimulates consumers, restaurants and caterers to cook healthy, sustainable and creative without meat or fish. This year the foundation organizes the competition ‘Variation Chef of the year’ for the third time. The foundation is looking for the chef that prepares the best vegetarian dish of 2013. Per region a winner will be chosen during the five regional qualifying rounds and the final winner will be chosen at restaurant Librije’s Atelier on October 16. The ‘Variation Chef of the year’ wins an internship at the 100% vegetarian restaurant Joia in Milan.

NeverLate app


  • NeverLate app

It happens to everyone.. you are too late because you were stuck in traffic. A new app that can prevent you from being too late. The ‘NeverLate’ app sends you a message, when you should leave for your appointment. The app has access to your agenda and calculates road constructions, accidents and any other unforeseen aspects to estimate the travel time.

Applications of 140 seconds


During an application procedure for the position ‘Manager Social Media and Digital Advertising’ the Pizza Hut kept interviews of 140 seconds. The Pizza Hut believes that people who can sell themselves in 140 seconds should be good at selling the company in 140 characters on Twitter. A special way to let people apply for a function and to put your company in the spotlight.

Cocktails by robot Bartendro


  • cocktails

We’ve seen robot bartenders before, but with the robot ‘Bartendro’ (designed by Kickstarter) you can make cocktails quickly and repeatedly. The ‘Bartendro’ can easily make cocktails within ten seconds. The robot machine can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet via WI-fi and with the special administrator screen you can manage dispensers, ingredients and drink recipes. It is also possible to view reports of the drinks made. Watch the video to see how the machine works.

T-shirts for the breakfast chef


  • t-shirt

Fun t-shirts to be to be worn by the chef at the breakfast buffet..

Special job interview at Heineken


Heineken was looking for an intern events and sponsorship when they received 1,734 applications. For this reason Heineken devised an interview where the candidates could not be prepared for. Heineken examined how the candidates responded in unexpected situations, such as hand-in-hand walking, a recruiter who feels unwell and on a fire alarm. After the applications, the three best candidates were selected and people could vote on the candidates. Guy Luchting won the internship.

Hospitality vacancies on your phone


If you’re looking for a job in the hospitality branch in the Netherlands, download the app from ‘’ and receive all jobs on your mobile phone. Available for iPhone and Android.

Restaurant with deaf staff


Restaurant Atfaluna in the Gaza Strip is now following suit in the hope of breaking down barriers for deaf people in Palestinian society. Atfaluna works with deaf people in the restaurant. Given that deafness was until very recently considered to be a mental disability in the country, the enterprise aims to showcase the talents of those with hearing difficulties and well as help them engage with their community.

Academy during Amsterdam Bar Week


With the Academy Program there is a special focus on bar personnel during the Amsterdam Bar Week this year. At the Double Tree by Hilton Skylounge are various seminars and taste sessions about bitters (John Fee), cognac (Mark Ridgwell) and world class cocktail makers.

Washing dishes to pay the bill


Some people joke around, if you cannot pay the bill, you will end up in the kitchen to do the dishes. Scotch-Brite, a Brazilian supplier of cleaning supplies, started a marketing campaign to reach the younger target. In several restaurants in Sao Paulo, people receive, when asking for the bill, a Scotch-Brite sponge that read, “Don’t want to pay the bill? Go wash the dishes”.

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