Twister Restaurant in Kiev


Do you need some inspiration for designing a restaurant? Check out The CoolHunter website for more inspirational pictures.

Innovative hospitality concepts map


The hospitality is a dynamic, creative industry. There are daily reports of new concepts or awards for new companies and entrepreneurs. But where exactly are those companies? Branche organisation, KHN does put these companies together with you on this map.


Green London city guide


Greentraveller produced in association with VisitEngland a guide to Green London. A handy pocket-sized map that features eco-friendly restaurants, hotels, cafes and attractions in the capital. Copies of the leaflet are available free of charge at eight Tourist Information Centres in and around London and the leaflet is also downloadable as a pdf.


Catered picnics in Amsterdam


 Butler For Hire’s service in the Netherlands offers a new service, the picnic butler, from April to August in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. When booked, a butler is sent to the park to set up the picnic, included with crystal glasses, picnic rugs, china crockery and pillows. Once the picnickers are ready to go home, a phone call to Butler For Hire signals it is time for the butler to return and clean up.  


Chilean miners-wine


The British design Agency created 33 different bottles of Chilean Winers each designed with a name of a trapped miner. The packaging for Chilean Winer is designed to resemble the Phoenix 2 escape capsule.

What happens when? project


A 9 month lasting crowdfunded and crowdsourced project in a restaurant in New York. Each month the restaurant will be runed by a different group of people. After 9 months the restaurant will be demolished.

The first nitro-ice cream parlor


Chin Chin’s is, as they are saying, the first nitro-ice cream parlor. The combination of long white coats, liquid nitrogen, theatrical presentation and a fun design make this ice cream parlor a real experience.

The first holographic employees on Luton airport


The British aiport London Luton introduces the first holographic employees, Holly and Graham. For a test period of four to six weeks they are helping passengers at the baggage check area. The goal is accelerate the security check.



The Chinese Restaurant “Dalu Rebot” uses six robots to serve food and drinks to the tables. The robots follow a fixed route laid down in the restaurant. The idea behind these “restaurants robots” comes from the Shandong Dalu Science and Technology Company.

Skype with wine makers


The Dalles Grande Winery offers wine advice through Skype. Through Skype people can ask questions and advice on which wine best suits the occasion or their meal. Consumers who want skype for 10 minutes, have to buy a minimum of three bottles of wine.

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