Special Salt & Wine Experience at Brasserie NL in Leidschendam


Ruben van Dieten from Brasserie NL in Leidschendam served a special diner on the 23th of May. The night was all about the salt-wine combinations. Together with Famous South-African chef Craig Cormack he presented a four-course menu with an important role for salt.

Craig Cormack

Craig Cormack from South Africa was so fascinated by salt, he started travelling around the world to create a unique collection of salt. The dishes he creates in combination with that salt all have a specific smell- and taste combination which can be perfectly linked to the flavour profile of the South African Fleur du Cap wines. Craig believes these wines are perfect to pair with salt, due to their complexity and richness.

Fleur du Cap

The Fleur du Cap wines are named after the beautiful country estate Fleur du Cap, one of the historic estates of the Cape. Fleur du Cap has one of the most advanced wineries in the Southern hemisphere, with a constant temperature and humidity.

Salt & Wine experience

On Monday the 23th of May Ruben van Dieten served four wonderful dishes, all with an important role for salt. The evening started with Flammkuchen, the seabass in the second course was served on a salt block which (heated underneath a heat lamp), followed by a piece of lamb prepared in salt crust. The dessert was mille feuille with salted caramel.

In between the courses Craig Cormack gave small workshops about salt and told us how impressed he was by Ruben van Dieten’s dishes.


Website: Brasserie NL

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