Tea Menu at HanTing Cuisine


Last Tuesday restaurant HanTing (1 Michelinstar) in The Hague tackled a world’s first. As the first restaurant in the world Michelin chef Han Ji launched an innovative Tea Menu. With each dish a matching and different tea was served, which, in combination with the food, has a positive effect on the human body. We tasted this Tea Menu!

Tea pairing

The Tea Menu is in line with the trend that people want to eat and drink more conscious and healthier. Restaurants also notice that there is not always a need for alcohol during dinner. Lately, we also noticed more and more experimenting with tea pairing. As with wine, every dish gets its matching tea. In the past we spotted for example a tea and cheese pairing.

The Tea Menu in restaurant HanTing goes one step further. At each dish a mixture of herbs is added by chef Han Ji. These herbs are based on the knowledge and experience of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Within the Traditional Chinese Medicine tea is treated as nutrient and medicine. At restaurant HanTing the tea doesn’t only taste great with the food, it also has a positive effect on the body. The combinations provide ultimate harmony in the body.

Chinese dietetics

Chef Han Ji: “Tea is in the Chinese nutrition science a nutrient and as medicine. If a particular tea is drunk with a dish, some adverse effects of a dish can be reduced and positive effects are enhanced.”

Figuring out the herbs and combinations of tea was not that easy. Chef Han Ji said he and his team have been working for three years to create the right herbal combinations. They worked closely with the Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and several tea plantations were visited in China. After the herbal combinations were composed, tea sommelier Kiona Malinka has picked out the different teas.

How we experienced the Tea Menu

We had the pleasure to taste the Tea Menu last Tuesday. Before each course of the five-course dinner chef Han Ji and tea sommelier Kiona Malinka extensively explained what kind of tea we drank, what the effect of the herbs was and their effects on our bodies. A unique experience, thanks to the enthusiasm and the great stories of the team of HanTing and Kiona Malinka. We can also recommend everyone to experience this! The food is delicious, the combination with the various teas are very special and the friendly staff will explain what you eat, drink and the effect on your body. For food lovers a special experience and we think that you can’t miss this one! ^Bram & David

Restaurant HanTing

Chef Han combines 5,000 years of traditional Chinese dietetics with modern cooking techniques and Western flavors. Within a unique style he develops sophisticated dishes that fit within his philosophy of mindful eating. HanTing Cuisine is a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Hague.

Website: HanTing Cuisine

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