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Last April we wrote about the photo ambassador of the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. Recently we also read that 35 Fairmont Hotels & Resorts started cooperating with photographers, united in This app connects travellers with professional photographers in over 160 cities worldwide. Consumers who are visually oriented are constantly seeing high-end lifestyle photo’s on social media, the result is that they also want the same type and quality photo’s. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and the Four Seasons Resort at Maui are accommodating their guests to achieve this.

Flytographer: cooperating with photographers

And why not? Why complain about better pictures of your hotel or resort on social media? Make use of the FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling of your guests. Especially the hotels and resorts where people stay for a luxurious holiday should consider hiring a ‘photo ambassador’ or try to cooperate with the above mentioned app or a local photographer. For restaurants and events: most guests do like a ‘step and repeat photo’ at events. The only question that we can’t answer: do they want to pay for it? The answer might depend on the background and the occasion.

Of course, guests continue to take pictures with their camera and mobile phone but as hotel you do give them the possibility to take home beautiful pictures as a souvenir. Also, their selfies or ‘braggies’ as they were called lately, instantly become a bit more professional. On the app you will find addresses of photographers in Amsterdam and many more cities but also in tourist areas.

The holiday picture in perspective

It is good to see how hotels are adapting to the trend of selfies and braggies. In the last five years we wrote about competitions – who makes the best selfie at the hotel and about a selfie tour in Paris. Thanks to the ‘photo ambassador’ and the app the professional photographer is one step closer to the consumer again. Last February I also experienced this at the hotel we visited during our ski-holiday, twice a week guests could subscribe for a walking tour with a professional photographer. He showed us the best places to take pictures in the surroundings. Also a nice way of working together! Additionally, this article reminds me of the pictures of the ski-groups of my daughters! I have seen often seen that these photographers take group pictures of friends and families… ^Marjolein

Website: Flytographer

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