Bionic Bar – Robot Bartenders at your service


The Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship of the world, has a Bionic Bar for their guests. Instead of a bartender throwing around bottles, glasses and ice you will find a robot arm preparing the cocktails for the guests. MS Harmony of the Seas is an Oasis-class cruise ship from Royal Caribbean International. The ship and its guests visited Rotterdam today, May 24th. 

Bionic Bar on de Harmony of the Seas

Last week, world’s biggest cruise ship arrived in Rotterdam with its B1-O and N1-C, the robot arms at the Bionic Bar. The system is easy. The two robots work independently of each other and are responsible for the whole process. From putting the plastic cup in place to pouring the finished cocktail into the cup. It takes them around a minute to make a drink, which is probably around the same time an average human bartender needs to prepare a cocktail.

There are two big screens either side of the bar that display waiting time, which drinks are being made and the most popular drinks by age group. This could give that bit of extra experience what the robot is missing in comparison with a human bartender. Unfortunately no show with flying glasses and bottles.


The benefit of the robots is that they instantly know a wide range of cocktails. Guests can either choose to order an existing cocktail or create their own. If they choose to create their own cocktail, they have a choice of 30 spirits and 21 mixers. Besides that, you also have the choice whether you want ice or not and a choice of garnishes. In the end you can specify if you want your cocktail to be ‘stirred, shaken or muddled’!

In short: B1-O and N1-C have their pro’s and con’s. As a guests you miss the show and the personal touch which is included by a great bartender. On the other hand, robots don’t make mistakes as in  terms of amounts, probably has a broader knowledge of recipes and the digital show is great as well.

Harmony of the Seas

MS Harmony of the Seas is an Oasis-class cruise ship from Royal Caribbean International. With a gross tonnage of 227,700 GT, she is the largest passenger ship in the world, surpassing her older sisters MS Oasis of the Seas and MS Allure of the Seas. Her maiden journey was in March this year.


Website: Harmony of the Seas

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