FormBox – the world’s first tabletop factory


The smallest, most affordable and accessible vacuum former in the world. Mayku launches the FormBox with a mission to “Do for making, what the Mac did for home computing”. For the first time in history anyone can become a maker and create lines of professional grade products without going to a factory.

Formbox – customised chocolates

The FormBox makes 3D shapes in seconds by heating up sheets of material and forming them around a template with a regular vacuum cleaner. Now anyone can make anything from customised chocolates to one hundred piece runs of professional grade products, right from their tabletop.

The FormBox maker pack consists of a FormBox vacuum former, 30 sheets of material, a universal vacuum connector and a kit to get users started. It gives makers, designers, hobbyists and small businesses everything they need to get started making their own products.

Instead of sending designs off to be made on the other side of the world, creators can take control of their production and start building hundreds of different things, really fast, from their homes or studios.

Formbox for a perfect replica

The FormBox works by softening a sheet of material with heat, draping it over a 3D form and sucking all the air from around it using a regular household vacuum cleaner. As the material cools, it makes a perfect replica of the shape almost instantaneously. This can be used as a product in itself or as a mold to cast multiple products. The process can be repeated over and over until an entire run of products is ‘microfactured’, bringing production capabilities to small independent makers that they simply haven’t had before.

The project has reached already its target, nevertheless you still have 10 days to finance this project on kickstarter.

Website: Mayku

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