International allure at Patisserie de Rouw


After restyling Patisserie de Rouw has a design in which the pastries of Arthur de Rouw will be displayed beautifully. An entrance with international allure and an open kitchen for the costumers to see how the pastries are being made. Besides that, you can also order pastries via their new website and pick them up at a pick up point.

International allure in the world of baking

I remember writing about La pâtisserie des rêves in Paris in the first year of Horecatrends (2007). Pictures of pastries underneath a glass bell and a lamp above it, went viral. A lot of things changed over the years in the world of baking. The cupcakes, the beautiful cakes and little by little also the make-overs of the bakeries and the pastries shops. Arthur and Doris de Rouw bring a bit of this international allure to Vught.

Pastry de Rouw

After their rebuilding Patisserie De Rouw one of the leading examples of stylistic interior design in The Netherlands. Their products are being beautifully highlighted. Partly due to the network at Relais Desserts International, a group of international top pastry chefs from which Arthur is the only Dutch member, Doris and Arthur do understand exactly what international orientated costumers like. All their ideas are incorporated in the new interior.


The interior design fits in the development of ‘experiencing’. Putting the product that your costumers are about to buy central. Besides that, they give the hurried costumers the possibility to order their pastries online and coordinated a pick up point where these orders can be picked up.

Website: Patisserie De Rouw

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