10 inspiring lunchrooms in The Hague


  • MaMa KellyMaMa Kelly
  • Grand Central Food MarketGrand Central Food Market
  • Marcus Roast & ToastMarcus Roast & Toast
  • Capriole caféCapriole café
  • Hop & StorkHop & Stork
  • ExkiExki
  • Happy TostiHappy Tosti
  • Het Kroket LoketHet Kroket Loket

Looking at the list below, it cannot be ignored that The Hague has a great amount of inspiring lunchrooms. From local heroes such as Dungelmann to fancy spots at the Binckhorst. One can be recognized by its products, others by their amazing design and experience. Are you in The Hague and looking for inspiration or do you just fancy a proper lunch? Bram, The Hague citizen visited the below listed restaurants/lunchrooms to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Toasty – Marcus Roast & Toast

The toasty, two slices of toasted bread topped with cheese and ham melted in the oven. At Marcus Roast & Toast they only use Desemenzo quality bread topped with not-the-standard ingredients, so not only cheese and ham. The toasty toppings vary from spicy gorgonzola, Rinse’s apple syrup, spinach, radish and crispy bacon to smoked salmon, spinach, cream cheese and wasabi. The toasty’s are in my opinion the follow-up of the popular hamburger shops.

Toasty – Happy Tosti

What makes Happy Tosti so special? The toasty’s, yes indeed. But the real difference is made by the chefs and waiters/waitresses, people with a physical or mental disability. These people can perfectly work within the hospitality industry, shown by Happy Tosti. Currently, the owners of Happy Tosti already have three establishments in the Netherlands, and many more to come.

Healthy – Exki

A self-serving concept with mostly healty and sustainable products. Besides to coffee, sandwiches and salads (also possible for take away), they also offer fresh meals that can be heated up at home. As hospitality organization, Exki goes beyond standards with its fair-trade products. The entire concept is built around it. Currently, Exki counts 81 establishments worldwide, one of them is located in The Hague, at the Turfmarkt.

Italian – Sapore

Sapore, a trattoria in The Hague is well known for its authentic Italian sandwiches, meals and Italian delicacy’s such as bruschetta and antipasti. The Italians are well known for their simple cooking techniques and respect for their products. This is also shown at Sapore, fresh (properly topped) sandwiches and Italian delicacy’s to bring home. Absolutely an inspiration for your menu! Are you planning to visit Sapore? Try the panini parma tartufo or the panini tartufo. Currently, The Hague has two Sapore locations.

Fastfood – Het Kroket Loket

The first ‘kroketten’ shop in the Netherlands! The Kroket Loket brings croquettes back on the Dutch culinary menu list. It is a handcrafted, traditional dish. Every single croquette is developed and produced following their own recipes! Are you near the Papestraat, jump into the shop for a kroket or smoothie.

Fastfood – Grand Central Food Market

The Grand Central Food Market is a must-visit concept at The Hague Central Station. I had the privilege to visit to the opening and ever since I have been there multiple times. Not only for a burger, but also for fish&chips and a Spanish beer accompanied with different kinds of Spanish ham. You don’t only get inspiration from their menu, but also the design is inspiring. In total, three different concepts are brought together at the ‘heart’ of the The Hague Central Station.

Coffee & chocolate – Hop & Stork

Hop & Stork, located in The Hague’s city center, is a combination of a chocolate shop with a seaking area to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. At the chocolate atelier you can see how they ‘paint’ a truffle and see the chocolate dripping out of the tap. A good place to have lunch, you should definitely try the ciabatta with smoked salmon. Nice to know: there also is a private place where workshops will be held, you can see this private place whilst looking through a glassed floor. Hop & Stork currently has two establishments, one in The Hague and one in Utrecht.

Fancy hotspot on the Binckhorst – Capriole café

In August 2016, The Hague’s lunch hotspot opened its doors. Hidden on a great place at the Fokkerhaven in the Brinckhorst. The industrial property is a restaurant that has its own coffee-roaster. This month they started building their new terrace, so you can relax outside during the upcoming summer months. Are you looking or inspiration for your restaurant design or would you like to learn how to roast coffee beans, this is the place to be.

Fancy hotspot on the Binckhorst – MaMa Kelly

In 2014 and 2015 was The Hague’s ‘Het Oude Ketelhuis’ transformed into an industrial all day hospitality concept. MaMa Kelly is located next to the creative Caballero manufacturer. MaMa Kelly is anything but complicated, everything is pure, from supplier to preparation. The chicken and lobster are the most common menu items. MaMa Kelly shows how experience can be key ingredient in a concept. They use kettles from the former ‘Ketelhuis’ and you’ll have a spectacular view while enjoying your meal.

History – Dungelmann

Dungelmann, established in 1861 is a well-known spot in The Hague’s city center. Back then, it was very special that a butcher was located between haute couture shops. For a traditional meatball or kroket you must visit Dungelmann. To date, they have four different locations, of which the newest location, a chicken and burger concept is located at the Turfmarkt. Of course they also serve their famous meatballs and kroketten as well. Want to have a product which lasts for over 150 years, you should visit Dungelmann.

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