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Marcus Roast & Toast is a new concept that recently opened in The Hague. The restaurant is serving culinary toasty’s, something which we haven’t spotted that often. Are toasty concepts going to be just as popular as the hamburger concepts were a few years ago?

Tosti or toasty

Tosti or toasty is not the only Dutch or English name for a grilled cheese sandwich. A tosti is normally two slices of bread with cheese or ham (or other ingredients) roasted in a toaster. A toasty is two slices of toasted bread topped with cheese and ham and then melted in the oven. The difference is mainly the airiness of the bread.

Marcus Roast & Toast

It’s not only the difference in the preparation process that makes Marcus & Toast unique, the ingredients are also important. The complete menu of the restaurant is assembled with a lot of care. A lot of tasting sessions have been done before the final menu was presented to the staff and we have to admit, they tasted great. We tasted The Shepherd, Mr. Blue and Smokey Joe. Our favourite was the Mr. Blue, a toasty with spicy gorgonzola, apple syrup, spinach, radish and crispy bacon.


“The bread, cheese and drinks and all the other products used on the menu are not the ordinary products” says owner Jan-Kees Marcus: “We specifically searched for suppliers with a story around their brand. I have been looking for a real Italian coffee roaster for quite some time, this was hard to find in the Netherlands. Oro Caffé, a coffee roaster from Northern-Italy is therefore a unique product in the Netherlands.” Another supplier is famous baker and good friend Edwin Klaasen from Desemenzo, he was approached to supply the perfect toasty bread. Also the fresh ice teas from Demmers Teehaus are definitely worth a try.


Toasty’s are one of the food trends in 2017. We expect to see more and more of these lunchrooms in 2017. For now you can go to Marcus Roast & Toast in The Hague. The restaurant is open every day of the week.

Website: Marcus Roast & Toast

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