New urban hotspot in The Hague: MaMa Kelly


The Oude Ketelhuis (the Old Boiler House) in The Hague has been transformed into an industrial all day hospitality concept.

MaMa Kelly is located alongside the creative Caballero factory. Ijsbrant Wilbrenninck (kitchen), David Trampe (bar), Stefan Coster (barista) and Rein Rambaldo (concept creator and owner of The Hospitality Factory) are the members of the creative team behind MaMa Kelly. They serve coffee, pies from their own bakery, lunch, dinner and you can go there for a few drinks as well.

MaMa Kelly: good, pure and delicious

MaMa Kelly is anything but complicated. Everything is pure, from supplier to preparation. The menu can best be described as ‘chicken or lobster’. Of course there are more dishes, like steaks and vegetarian risotto. MaMa Kelly works with a 2 meter long charcoal grill and authentic vendors such as bread from vanmenno and sausages by Brandt & Levie.


The industrial property has undergone a huge transformation in the recent months, while retaining the authenticity. For example, the boilers of the former boiler house are still present and they kept the height intact. The interior is best described as industrial, design and urban. The huge open kitchen literally provides a look in the kitchen to every guest. With her comfortable couches, cool barstools, design tables and lamps MaMa Kelly shows that she has the looks.

Website: MaMa Kelly

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