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Recently opened in The Hague: Capriole Café. A restaurant and roastery in one. Capriole Cafe is located in an old industrial building on the waterfront at the Fokkerhaven (a port) in The Hague. Their guests are able to visit the restaurant during the whole day, for a cup of coffee in the morning as well as for a hamburger during dinner. They also give coffee workshops.

Capriole Café

The interior of Capriole Café shows that its located in an industrial area, the metal bars of the old factory premises are in fact still intact. The property looks sleek and sturdy and is designed by Bureau Fraai. Strikingly is the beautiful coffee roaster that is an eye catcher upon entering. They have opted for an open kitchen and their guests are able to see the barista’s at work from anywhere. For example, these barista’s prepare fresh coffee from its own roastery. The concept was nominated in 2016 at the Dutch ‘Entrée Hospitality & Style Awards’ in the category Best Coffee Concept.

The coffee shop is open for breakfast and lunch with an extensive coffee menu and sweet treats. In the evening you can also dine here with as specialty the hamburgers of chef Diego Buik. Meaning that you can eat the ‘Best Burger in Rotterdam’ at the Capriole Café, an election that Diego Buik won in 2015.

The future of the area Fokkerhaven

The area around the Fokkerhaven in The Hague is getting cosier, the coming years it’s going to be developed into a new, trendy residential area. Not only the Capriole Café can be found here, but also  Mama Kelly and Kompaan Beer Bar are located in the industrial area.

Family business

Pascal and Joyce Ultee, brother and sister, came up with the Capriole Café. Their love for coffee and good food is spoon-fed. Father Peter Ultee started Capriole Café Service in 1975, a wholesale coffee business with already several branches.

Website: Capriole cafe

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