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An ordering app as your waiter and a robot as your chef! More and more examples of these two items are spotted worldwide. The app is common use now and robots are spotted in restaurants as well. They’re an asset at the moment you can’t find enough staff. But we now spotted an Israeli foodtech firm SavorEat that combines it all. Customers order their personalized plant-based hamburger through an app and their robot will 3D print it and cook it to their preferences.

The robot chef of SavorEat is a technological solution to digitally manufacture meat alternatives from non-GMO plant-based proteins, according to individual tastes. They focus on consumer’s needs and are putting the individual front and center. This approach puts the company in the new future of the Food Industry while offering solutions for fast-moving kitchens. The robot chef has been unveiled in collaboration with the Israeli hamburger chain BBB (Burgus Burger Bar). They also connected with Sodexho, which feeds students at major US universities, to start trial the system this year.

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How does SavorEat work?

SavorEat’s hamburgers are made on site by a smart robot with a self-contained 3D printer with three cartridges containing oils and other ingredients. Customers can choose how much fat and protein they want in each burger and change the size and cooking preference of the chosen meal. It takes about six minutes to cook. Using a combination of a revolutionary chef robot, proprietary 3D printing technology, and unique non-GMO plant-based ingredients, consumers can now enjoy different textures that characterize meat, tailored to their specific taste, diet and lifestyle. It’s a sustainable product that will be cooked without human touch, thus minimizing microbiological risks and allergen concerns.

About the company 

SavorEat was established in 2018 by Racheli Vizman who serves as its CEO, Prof. Oded Shoseyov, the company’s CSO, and Prof. Ido Braslavsky. The company has about 20 employees and is aided by a staff of senior consultants and leading partners. In November 2020 they became the first food-tech company to complete an IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

SavorEat has developed a unique technology for the manufacturing of meat alternatives, combining non-GMO plant-based ingredients such as potato, chickpea and pea protein. SavorEat’s unique selling proposition is based on the ability to produce and grill products that aim to reproduce the unique taste and texture of animal-based meat, with the future manufacturing of additional food products clearly on the agenda. The company’s first product to complete development was the meatless burger but they indicated that in the near future delicious meatless steaks, kebabs, even alternative seafood will become available.

We spotted a lot of plant-based meats like Redefine Meat (also from Israel, they are entering the European market and are going to 3D print their plant-based product in the Netherlands), Tindle from Next Gen Foods and many more.

Website: SavorEat

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