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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about the Icelandverse, a great example of an ad for tourism and Redefine Meat. This Israeli start-up expands operations into Europe, they are going to 3D-print beef substitute in the Netherlands.

This Holiday Season you can play curling at the garden of the Langham hotel in London and the Alexandra pub in Wimbledon is hosting ‘don’t be on your own day’ as a lovely gesture to combat loneliness on Christmas Day.

In Hamburg you can enjoy raclette, glühwein and other Swiss winter season food in old ski gondolas at the 25Hours Hotel. And an initiative to tackle the shortage of hospitality staff from Amsterdam: The ‘Leidseplein’ class.

Korean Childhood snacks are an overnight hit because of Squid Game especially among Korean-American restaurant owners! And also in New York: the Antony Bourdain hawker centre is set to open in the beginning of 2022.

Arby’s in the US sells meat with curly and crinkle fries and now they announced the upcoming launch of its limited edition Curly Fry and Crinkle Fry Vodka. And check out the sky at Bercy Village in Paris, we love what they did!


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Did you see the Icelandverse?

Did you see Mark Zuckerbergs Metaverse announcement a couple of weeks ago? Well we loved the super funny parody of Iceland! Make sure to check it out!

Redefine Meat | 3D-printed plant based beef in the Netherlands

Israeli startup Redefine Meat expands operations into Europe where it hopes to reach thousands of restaurants by the end of next year and served for the first time its plant-based whole cuts of alternative meat. The 3D-printed beef substitute was rolled out in Israel, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. A mix of soy and pea protein, chickpeas, beetroot, nutritional yeasts and coconut fat, it mimics flank steak, which is also known as bavette. Check out their video below, more links to other interesting articles below the video.

This holiday Season | A Curling Club at The Langham hotel in London

The Langham announced that starting the 24th of November, their courtyard garden will be transformed into an one of a kind Curling Club. It will be accompanied with wintery cocktails, alpine infused street food and a very own Olympic ambassador: Eve Muirhead MBE.

Korean Childhood snacks are an overnight hit because of Squid Game!

‘Squid Game’ turned a Korean childhood snack Into an overnight hit at NYC restaurants. The Netflix smash hit has Korean-American restaurateurs inspired to bring back the nostalgic candy and the games associated with it. The retro Korean children’s street snack, which is made from sugar and baking soda, is popping up everywhere in various reincarnations: as a latte topping, ice cream flavor, doughnut glaze, and naturally, as on the nine-episode drama, a little brittle disc stamped with various shapes. More at NY Eater, link in the title.

Arby’s announces upcoming release of ‘curly fry Vodka’ and ‘Crinkle Fry Vodka’

A fast food brand introduces a ‘Curly Fry Vodka’ and ‘Crinkle fry Vodka’. Arby’s has long boasted about their sumptuous supply of meats. Whenever possible they will let you know that “We have the meats!” with crinkle and curly fries. But now Arby’s comes with their own limited edition vodka, makes kind of sense as vodka is a potato-based spirit.

The ‘Leidseplein’ class in Amsterdam | An initiative to tackle the shortage of hospitality staff

24 students from five hospitality courses at the ROC of Amsterdam-Flevoland started working this week at three organizations around the Leidseplein (a square) in Amsterdam. As part of the ‘Leidseplein’ class, they learn the intricacies of the hospitality profession in DeLaMar, the Kopstootbar and Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American. The project is an initiative of House of Hospitality, which hopes to encourage students with ‘hybrid learning’ to choose a career in the hospitality sector. The growing staff shortage in the Amsterdam hospitality sector has further underlined the importance of new hospitality students and training that is in line with the professional needs. House of Hospitality wants to encourage companies to take their responsibility when it comes to training students and links parties to relevant training courses. ‘Hybrid learning’: a new form of learning in which students learn on the work floor three days a week and two project days.

A London pub is hosting Christmas Day for anyone who would otherwise be alone

The Alexandra pub in Wimbledon is hosting ‘don’t be on your own day’ as a lovely gesture to combat loneliness on Christmas Day. With a free Christmas dinner and drink, Secret Santa and general joy and laughter, Christmas at The Alexandra is for anyone who would otherwise be alone on the Big Day. More in the article at the website of Secret London, link in the title.

Anthony Bourdain’s hawker centre set to open in New York

New York ‘hawker centre’ conceived by Anthony Bourdain and Singapore street food champion KF Seetoh has been been given the go-ahead, and may open in early 2022. The project had stalled in 2017 due to leasing issues, however, the opening of the centre is set to happen next year.

Seetoh wrote in a Facebook post: “Waited eight years for this (since Bourdain said to me: “’I want you to help me build my Bourdain Market in NYC.” At our World Street Food Congress in SG in 2013) celebration of what Bourdain did even for our UNESCO Hawkers. This is our hawkers’ Noah’s Ark headed for Times Square, New York and onwards to the world.” More in the article at the website of Fine Dining Lovers, link in the title.

25hours hotel Hamburg | Raclette in old ski gondolas, Say Cheese!

We see them more and more often: ski gondolas on terraces in the open air. The 25hours Hotel (Altes Hafenamt) in Hamburg has also placed 2 old ski gondolas from Gstaad Switzerland on its terrace. From November 28 they serve Raclette, Swiss wines, Glühwein and Kirschwasser. Cool idea!

A sky of 1200 Glittering umbrellas above Bercy Village

For Christmas, Bercy Village, the shopping area at Cour Saint Emilion, 75012 in Paris, has created a sky of 1200 glittering umbrellas… Magical! Check out the article at Paris Secret, they also mention their rainbow of psychedelic balloons, its sky of flowers and its canopy of colored lines. Inspirational, check out the image below!


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