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Botanical brewer Lowlander brings a breath of fresh air to the fall beer season and introduces the Lowlander Pumpkin Weizen (5% abv). In keeping with the beer brand’s ambition to become “Nature Positive” by 2030, the Pumpkin Weizen contributes to the fight against food waste. The fall beer is brewed with rescued pumpkins that could not be sold due to beauty flaws. The Lowlander Pumpkin Weizen is from now on available at Albert Heijn, in the better catering industry and via the Lowlander webshop, among others.

We previously wrote about the first alcohol-free craft beer tap and Lowlander’s Cool Earth Lager, to combat climate change. In 2021, for every Cool Earth Lager beer sold, Lowlander planted a seagrass plant in the Wadden area. Last year we also wrote about their I.P.A. Re-Genever, their Botanical beer garden to go and more other interesting articles. We are always very enthusiastic about the initiatives of Lowlander, and we are again very curious about this new beer, what would you drink it with?

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Fresh & full of citrus

What better way to celebrate autumn than with beer to match every scent and color of the season? Brewed with naturally sweet pumpkin and spiced orange, Lowlanders 5% Pumpkin Weizen is an accessible beer full of citrus notes and pleasant bitters. Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman: “Autumn is mostly dominated by bok beers, which are mainly recognizable by their sweet, rather heavy character. We opted for a much fresher alternative by brewing with seasonal botanicals that perfectly capture the autumn feeling – without being too heavy. The result is a not-too-sweet, easy-drinking beer that we were able to save pumpkins with at the same time. So while you’re enjoying a botanically brewed beer, you’re also combating food waste.”

Save the pumpkin

Some 39% of all food waste occurs before it has even had a chance to reach shelves or restaurants. That includes many pumpkins that don’t meet beauty standards. Kampman: “When pumpkins deviate from the ideal size or have a spot or pimple, they are often not good enough for sale. Even though there is nothing wrong with the taste. As a botanical brewer, we are constantly looking for ways to cooperate with nature in the right balance, without taking too much and giving back where possible.” To enjoy nature for as long as possible, Lowlander’s ambition is to become “Nature Positive” by 2030. Reducing waste is one of the pillars the beer brand is focusing on to achieve that goal. “By brewing with these very pumpkins, we are using what we already have on hand and preventing a beautiful product from being thrown away.” This is not the first time Lowlander has brewed with natural residual streams. These include the 0.00% Wit brewed with leftover citrus peels from the hospitality industry, the Winter I.P.A. brewed with reclaimed spruce needles sourced from Christmas trees, and earlier this year they launched the world’s most sustainable gin, the Lowlander gin.

Lowlander Pumpkin Weizen is from now on available at Albert Heijn, in the better catering industry and via the Lowlander webshop, among others.

Website: Lowlander.

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