Lowlander introduces the first-ever alcohol-free craft beer on tap


  • Lowlander alcohol-free craft beer on tapLowlander alcohol-free craft beer on tap
  • Lowlander alcohol-free craft beerLowlander alcohol-free craft beer
  • Lowlander Beer 0.00% WitLowlander Beer 0.00% Wit
  • Lowlander Beer, 0.3% I.P.A.Lowlander Beer, 0.3% I.P.A.

Botanical brewer Lowlander presents the very first alcohol-free craft beer on tap. Alcohol-free beer is an integral part of the Dutch market and already accounts for one in twenty of all beers consumed. Lowlander is proud to increase consumption choice with this innovation, by making two of their best-selling non-alcoholic botanically brewed beers available on tap: the 0.00% Wit and the 0.3% I.P.A..

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Tasty, botanical and alcohol-free craft beer on tap | 0.00% Wit and the 0.3% I.P.A.

By brewing with botanicals, Lowlander’s non-alcoholic beers are packed with natural flavor, making them no less than the alcoholic varieties. With no less than five versatile non-alcoholic beers in their portfolio, Lowlander has the largest non-alcoholic assortment of the smaller Dutch brewers. For Lowlander it is a great step to be able to offer these beers on tap as well. “We are very proud that we can once again add value to the beer landscape through innovation. We are well on the way to having 50% of our sold beers already being alcohol-free, and with the introduction of our alcohol-free beers on tap, this will only accelerate,” says Lowlander’s Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman.

The 0.00% Wit is botanically brewed with reclaimed orange & lemon peels, making it a very refreshing and thirst-quenching white beer, full of pronounced notes of fruit and citrus. The 0.3% I.P.A. is brewed with exotic mango, cardamom & orange peels giving it the perfect balance of fresh, fruity and a pleasant bitterness.

Popularity of alcohol-free beer continues to rise

The conscious decision to skip alcohol temporarily or for an extended period of time is increasingly becoming the norm for a larger growing minority of global consumers. This trend is ongoing among all age groups but most visible among the ‘Generation Z’ consumer, as already one third of the consumers between 18-25 indicate that they never consume alcohol. These developments have resulted in one in twenty beers in the Netherlands currently being sold alcohol-free. Alcohol-free beer is also showing very clear growth in the on-trade – with sales of Lowlander alcohol-free beers growing by 341% compared to last year. To meet this growing demand and to offer a sustainable alternative for the hospitality industry with high volumes of alcohol-free beer, Lowlander is now introducing these beers on tap, after bottle and can. The two Lowlander non-alcoholic beers can now be found on tap in bars and restaurants and can be ordered at wholesalers Dorstlust, Scheerder and Van Bieren.

The team behind Lowlander Beer is very innovative, we wrote about them frequently.

Website: Lowlander Beer

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