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Not just demand for healthy food is increasing, but also demand for healthy drinks. In 2018 we have seen a lot of product releases of non-alcoholic beers, drinks and cocktails. In this article you will find an overview of all non-alcoholic drinks we have seen. Which one is your favorite?


In January 2018 we wrote an article about Seedlip, the first distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Blended & bottled in England, Seedlip has created a coveted bespoke maceration, copper pot distillation & filtration process for each individual botanical that takes 6 weeks. Seedlip’s spirits boast zero calories, are sugar-free, sweetener-free & artificial flavour-free, making a Seedlip & Tonic the credible adult alternative to alcohol if not drinking.

Gin Barrel-Aged Cold Brew

In March 2018 we wrote an article about the Starbucks Reserve® Roastery in Seattle who offered a new beverage that borrows from the ancient craft of aging liquor in barrels, Gin Barrel-Aged Cold Brew, one year after the introduction of its first barrel-aged coffee with Whiskey Barrel-Aged Sulawesi. The beverage begins with unroasted small-lot Rwandan coffee beans hand-scooped into oak barrels that first held bourbon, then used to age gin by local craft distillery Big Gin in Seattle. The sparkling new non-alcoholic beverage is a twist on the classic gin and tonic. First, Roastery baristas shake together slow-steeped Gin Barrel-Aged Rwanda coffee concentrate, ice, and a few dashes of lime bitters. The beverage is finished with tonic and a garnish with lime.


The sisters Conchita and Norita Daniel from Amsterdam developed the new drink. Conchita: “The young people around me are all interested in a healthy lifestyle. That is why I did market research with my sister.” This research showed that a growing group of Millennials are more consciously with health these days. This generation needs a drink that is healthy, tasty but also culturally responsible. They have developed Be-Mocktails. Mocktails without alcohol that are tasty, healthy, vegan and halal.


Coca-Cola’s Venturing & Emerging Brands (VEB) unitis raising the bar for alcohol alternatives with the launch of a new line of booze-free adult sparkling drinks. BAR NØNE made its debut in October at Taste of Atlanta, where nearly 3,000 festivalgoers sipped on the four varieties, Spiced Ginger Mule, Bellini Spritz, Dry Aged Cider and Sangria. The drinks were crafted with bar-inspired flavours and premium, on-trend ingredients to appeal to beer, wine and cocktail drinkers.


Launched June 2019 on the Dutch market: CEDER’S, an alcohol-free alternative to gin. The premium brand with Swedish and South African roots contains all flavors of gin but without alcohol. This makes CEDER’S one of the first to offer Dutch consumers an alcohol-free alternative to gin that does not compromise on taste. From the end of June, the first of the three flavors, CEDER’S Crisp, will be launched at 450 Gall & Gall locations in the Netherlands.


STRYYK™, a new range of zero-proof distilled spirits has launched into the UK trade, in a bid to grow this emerging category and offer consumers a modern flavour-driven and stylish alternative to alcohol. Created by drinks industry entrepreneur and founder of Funkin Cocktails, Alex Carlton in recognition of the growing demand from Gen X’rs, STRYYK is predominantly targeted at 18-35 year old and positioned as an inclusive brand for those who choose not to drink alcohol, are having a night off or mixing up their night, but still want to be part of the party.

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