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  • Be-MocktailsBe-Mocktails
  • Be-MocktailsBe-Mocktails
  • Be-MocktailsBe-Mocktails
  • Be-MocktailsBe-Mocktails

The demand for natural and healthy food is increasing. At the same time it is ‘hot’ to drink cocktails nowadays. These two trends come together in the new ‘Be-Mocktails‘ or while the ‘natural mocktails’. These mocktails are 100% natural and alcohol free. The ingredients are specially selected on their health promoting effect.

Natural Be-Mocktails | Demand from the Millennial generation

The sisters Conchita and Norita Daniel from Amsterdam developed the new drink. Conchita: “The young people around me are all interested in a healthy lifestyle. That is why I did market research with my sister. This research showed that a growing group of Millennials are more consciously with health these days. This generation needs a drink that is healthy, tasty but also culturally responsible. We have developed Be-Mocktails. Mocktails without alcohol that are tasty, healthy, vegan and halal.’’

The variants of the natural Mocktails

The natural Be-Mocktails are available through the website and through a number of liquor stores and hotels in Amsterdam. The drink is available in three flavors:

  • Be Grateful: Coconut water, pineapple, graviola, lime with a characterful of champagne aftertaste.
  • Be Alive: Coconut water, blueberry, black currant, acai with a fresh mojito aftertaste.
  • Be Beautiful: Coconut water, pomegranate, gooseberry, apple berry with a classic gin aftertaste.

Website: Be-Mocktails

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