Cotton candy baked Alaska | Served at Chinese restaurant Philippe Chow


Upscale Chinese restaurant, Philippe Chow, in New York City serves a spectacular dessert: a cotton candy baked Alaska. Baked Alaska, also known as ‘omelette Sibérienne’ or ‘omelette Norvégienne’, is a classic dessert made of cake, ice cream and beaten egg white.

Cotton candy baked Alaska

Normally the egg whites will be on fire but Philippe Chow created a baked Alaska with cotton candy that’s lit on fire with rum. A dessert for those with a sweet tooth. It’s a great example of a dessert that can be made in front of your guests.

Other cotton candy preparation we spotted in the past: ice cream on a cloud of cotton candy at the Milk Train Café in London; cocktails or champagne created with cotton candy; and at restaurant FG in Rotterdam they used to serve their sweets with the coffee or tea at a cloud of cotton candy. The first time we got a tiny cotton candy on a stick at our coffee was at restaurant ‘De Leuf’ in Ubachsberg, the Netherlands. Just simple but they really surprised the kids at all tables!

About Philippe Chow

At Philippe Chow located in NYC at 33 E. 60th Street you can enjoy a Beijing style cuisine. The food at Philippe is served family-style and signature dishes include Salt & Pepper Lobster, Chicken Satay, Glazed Spare Ribs, Filet Mignon with oyster sauce and the legendary Peking Duck, which is carved tableside and served with house-made pancakes. Next to the cotton candy baked Alaska they also serve a great looking fortune cookie red velvet cake! Check out their Instagram account for a delicious starter as well: Tuna Tartare. Since opening, Philippe Chow has received top culinary accolades including “Best Peking Duck” from the New York Observer and “Best in Chinese” by Zagat.

Website: Philippe Chow

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