Cotton candy cocktails


Cotton candy cocktails are hip and specific on Pinterest and similar websites you will find many varieties!

Recipes for cotton candy cocktails

We haven’t figured out what to think about it, but the effect is great and recipes can be found all over the internet …. The cotton candy cocktail in a lot of variations. The idea is that you serve a glass filled with cotton candy and pour over the liquid. The cotton candy melts before your eyes, and give the cocktail an extra sweet and surprising element. We have seen simple recipes with cotton candy in which you pour over bubbles but also the recipe on Tablespoon where the candy is covered with Marshmallow Vodka and Perrier water. We even saw ‘cotton candy coffee’ pictures on Pinterest but we decided that it makes our coffee too sweet….

Also nice alcohol-free

Also very nice to serve as a non-alcoholic cocktail. It’s also a real treat at children’s parties! Most recipes for alcohol-free cocktails are made with 7-up but sparkling water is another possibility.

We have pinned some photos on our board Food & Beverage on Pinterest. From cute to professional.

Bron: Cotton Candy Cocktails

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