The popularity of cotton candy


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Bon Puf is a new gourmet cotton candy company operated in Los Angeles. Cloë Lane company offers a modern spin on the classic cotton candy and shows the popularity of it.

Natural cotton candy

The modern cotton candy carts from Bon Puf are for hire for parties or events throughout California. The cotton candy is created with organic sugar cane and all natural flavours and colours like Mango chilli, Strawberry Lemonade, Salted Caramel and Honey Rose.

We have seen a lot of cotton candy creations in time. The first time I got a – very petit – cotton candy with my coffee was at restaurant ‘De Leuf’ in Ubachsberg, The Netherlands (1 Michelin Star). It was coloured orange because it was Queens Day, my kids loved it and the kid in me as well! A year later we saw a small pink one as promotion for a gay bar. We also saw ‘glow in the dark cotton candy’ on glow in the dark sticks. And only a couple of years ago Restaurant FG (which used to be restaurant Ivy) created a cloud of cotton candy.

Just like popcorn, a traditional treat, creatively adapted to the circumstances! ^Marjolein

See examples of the creations at the Bon Puf website.

Bron: Fine Dining Lovers

Website: Bon Puf

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