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  • CLUBZERØ return boxCLUBZERØ return box
  • CLUBZERØ containerCLUBZERØ container
  • CLUBZERØ return boxesCLUBZERØ return boxes
  • CLUBZERØ return boxesCLUBZERØ return boxes
  • CLUBZERØ delivery bagCLUBZERØ delivery bag

CLUBZERØ is a returnable packaging experience designed to hold both hot and cold food and drinks. CLUBZERØ offers a convenient and cost neutral alternative to disposable packaging. They are working towards a zero-waste future.

If you are, like me, in your sixties you might remember camping and picking up fries or other dishes by taking your own pan to the camping restaurant. Sounds like a pretty sustainable start, but the convenience-economy changed this a lot! If you like to order take-away, you usually end up with piles of takeout boxes to dispose of.  We read about CLUBZERØ in an article about the owner Safia Qureshi that is a finalist in the 2022 Food & Drink Heroes Awards – Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year. Although I have trouble picturing all consumers using this returnable packaging system, it looks promising in the catering and B2B space. Why not try it in the Netherlands as well! ^Marjolein

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Borrow, Return, Repeat

Environmental causes are amongst people’s highest priorities – and it’s no wonder. Single-use Food & Beverage packaging is a massive problem, CLUBZERØ is making it easy to do the right thing and  the product itself is a level up from disposable packaging. Designed to be user-friendly, CLUBZERØ cups and containers keep their contents hotter/cooler for longer. And every part of the process is ecologically mindful.

CLUBZERØ® is available in-store or takeaway at restaurant and cafe host locations and for delivery with Just Eat for Business. As an user of the CLUBZERØ app, you use the cup or food packaging which both have a tracking code and you return it in the yellow return boxes. If you don’t return them within 30 days you will be charged. Every time the team behind CLUBZERØ picks up the used units, they schedule a drop-off of fresh packaging at the same time – each trip is coordinated to be as sustainable as possible. Even the process of washing the packaging is optimized to ensure the minimum amount of water is used to clean the maximum amount of units.

CLUBZERØ partners with food and beverage retailers, brands, catering companies operating across cafes, restaurants, canteens, coffee/tea points, self-serve stations and drinks vending machines. CLUBZERØ works with businesses to make to-go more sustainable, working together towards the ultimate goal of zero-waste.


CLUBZERØ started back in 2018 as CUPCLUB and serves customers in the UK and USA. Today they published at their website that they saved +2.2 Million single-use plastic items, +1.1M orders completed to date, 68 tons of saved CO2 and a 95% return rate.

They have won several packaging awards, including IDEO NextGen Cup Challenge Winner awarded by Close Loop Fund as part of Consortium group of Starbucks, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Wendy’s and Yum Brands. Best UX Design 2019 by Fast Company awarded by Fast Company and this year they won their first D&AD Pencil! D&AD is an education charity that promotes excellence in design and advertising. Each year, the D&AD Awards gather the world’s best creative work from across the commercial design, advertising, production and craft disciplines to be judged by more than 400 global creative leaders, practitioners and innovators. D&AD is globally recognized as the highest accomplishment for creatives around the world.

Other attempts at making fast food waste more sustainable include, Wasted Enough! And for example, the reusable Billy Cups at Foodmaker. And the Kaffeeform coffee cups made from coffee grounds!


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