Wasted Enough! 013 Poppodium partners with visitors for ‘a better world’


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Under the heading ‘Genoeg Gewaste’ (Wasted Enough), 013 Poppodium is taking big steps in the context of sustainability and at the same time wants to make a global impact. For example, the pop stage is saying goodbye to soft cups and bottled water from now on. Thanks to partnerships with charities, visitors can now contribute to water and food projects around the world. A visitor of 013 Poppodium doesn’t order one glass, but 300 litres of water.

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300 litres of water in a hard cup

Thanks to the partnership with the Made Blue Foundation, for every hard cup of tap water purchased, 300 litres of clean drinking water is made available in places where it is scarce, including Tanzania and Vietnam. Frank van der Tang, co-founder of the Made Blue Foundation: “We take water for granted, but for 771 million people it is still a daily task to fetch water. Water that is often polluted as well. As a result, they cannot work or go to school, and children in particular often fall ill. Our mission is clean drinking water for everyone. Therefore we are very happy that for every hard cup with tap water, 013 donates no less than 1000 glasses, or 300 litres of clean drinking water, to our water projects. This way they make a huge impact and the visitors of 013 are made to think.”

Wasted Enough | Tap water from Made Blue Tap points

013 Poppodium visitors can no longer buy bottles of water. Instead, visitors can buy a filtered glass of tap water – flat and sparkling – from one of the Made Blue tap points specially constructed for this purpose. Choosing tap water (Tilburg’s water was awarded as the tastiest in the Netherlands in 2019), saves on transport and waste, among other things, and thus reduces CO2 emissions.

Frens Frijns, managing director of 013 Poppodium: “Taking good care of the people we are privileged to host is a top priority for 013. And for us, that includes paying attention to the world around us. The fact that we are now further reducing our ecological footprint is nice and necessary, but it also asks something of our visitors. The fact that we can improve the quality together and at the same time ensure a slightly better world, is great and unique in the Netherlands.”

Hard cups for soft cups | saves 27,860 pounds of plastic

In addition to partnering with the Made Blue Foundation, the pop venue is swapping soft cups for hard cups. This will save 27,860 kilos of plastic each year. An important step with direct impact that, thanks to the deposit system, will have an even greater effect. Visitors now pay €0.50 deposit for their cup. This amount can either be returned when returning the hard cup or be donated to charity, starting with the UN World Food Programme. Thanks to each donated hard cup, they can provide a school meal elsewhere in the world. School meals that provide much-needed nutrition to children in developing countries while encouraging them to attend school. “The first tests showed that over 90% of the visitors donate the hard cup. That says a lot about the willingness that arises when you include visitors in your considerations,” said Frijns.

Wasted Enough

Under the heading ‘Genoeg Gewaste’, 013 will roll out more projects in the context of sustainability in the coming period. In addition, a documentary will be released about the transition that 013 itself has gone through. More about this will be announced later.

We previously wrote a couple of articles about the Made Blue Foundation, like this one!

Website: 013 Poppodium and Made Blue Foundation 

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