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More and more businesses in the Netherlands serve chilled tap water in their own, hip bottles. About 150 hospitality businesses do that using MADE BLUE, whilst doing that they do support drinking water projects in developing countries. Every liter of water served does guarantee as much as 1000 times more clean drinking water. MADE BLUE has been active for nearly one and a half year in the hotel and catering industry and they created about 150 ambassadors or participants in the hospitality industry. “We have already realized almost 2.8 billion liters of clean drinking water with all of our ambassadors. That means a healthy and employed existence for 300,000 people,” says Frank van der Tang, co-founder of MADE BLUE.


MADE BLUE is a foundation that facilitates businesses to bottle and serve chilled and sparkling, filtered tap water, in exchange for a small donation to drinking water projects and maintaining a  margin. The sustainability aspect is also a reason to switch to MADE BLUE for many entrepreneurs.  After all, there is no need any more for water to be transported throughout the country and the bottle bank remains empty. It also saves on messing around with crates which is of course very pleasant for restaurants, cafés and beach bars a like. Other entrepreneurs are more charmed by the possibility to serve their own water in great bottles or decanters.

In addition, MADE BLUE water offers guests an experience. “You notice that guests are triggered by the message on the decanters which states: this is 1000 liters of water. The guests are always pleasantly surprised that by purchasing MADE BLUE water they can simply contribute to a better world,” says co-owner Bas van den Brink of Beachclub BIRDS in Kijkduin, the Netherlands. This brand new Beach club in Kijkduin will be serving MADE BLUE water as from this season. “It makes you feel good to invest in drinking water projects, whilst you’re also much more environmentally friendly.”

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Some other ambassadors: Restaurant Jetties, natural food in Haarlem, The Magazijn in Dordrecht, Brasserie Cronesteyn in Leiden and ‘De Kleine Toren van Baarland’ in Zeeland.

MADE BLUE | Tangible impact

Beach club BIRDS was already good for the realization of 240,000 litres of clean drinking water, in the first month of participation and became entrepreneur of the month. For example, 240,000 litres is enough to provide access to clean drinking water for a family in a developing country for at least 10 years.

“But our projects are set up in such a way that the water facilities will remain operational afterwards, because their maintenance is already being considered”, says Van der Tang of MADE BLUE. “Often, local committees are active which also require a small contribution for maintenance. It is not uncommon for these committees to start a water supply on their own, also in a village down the road. Thus creating the effect that allows us to generate much more impact and we are extremely proud of this because our mission is to provide clean drinking water for everyone.”

Website: MADE BLUE

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